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Accident analysis and prevention

Journal Volume: 50
Journal Issue:
Journal Year: 2013
Articles in SafetyLit: 150

"Baby on board": Reducing risk taking in adult drivers in a simulated driving game

A further exploration of sensation seeking propensity, reward sensitivity, depression, anxiety, and the risky behaviour of young novice drivers in a structural equation model

A market systems analysis of the U.S. sport utility vehicle market considering frontal crash safety technology and policy

A population-based study of inpatients admitted due to suffocation in Taiwan during 2005-2007

A positive view on road safety: Can 'car karma' contribute to safe driving styles?

A re-parameterisation of the Power Model of the relationship between the speed of traffic and the number of accidents and accident victims

A simulator study of the effects of singing on driving performance

A spatial and temporal analysis of child pedestrian crashes in Santiago, Chile

A structured autopsy-based audit of 370 firearm fatalities: Contribution to inform policy decisions and the probability of the injured arriving alive at a hospital and receiving definitive care

A two-stage mining framework to explore key risk conditions on one-vehicle crash severity

Aging and detection of collision events on curved trajectories

Aging and the impact of distraction on an intersection crossing assist system

An examination of the environmental, driver and vehicle factors associated with the serious and fatal crashes of older rural drivers

Application of finite mixture of negative binomial regression models with varying weight parameters for vehicle crash data analysis

Application of propensity scores and potential outcomes to estimate effectiveness of traffic safety countermeasures: Exploratory analysis using intersection lighting data

Are parents just treading water? The impact of participation in swim lessons on parents' judgments of children's drowning risk, swimming ability, and supervision needs

Assessment of injury potential in pediatric bed fall experiments using an anthropomorphic test device

Attentional differences in driving judgments for country and city scenes: Semantic congruency in inattentional blindness

Attitudes do matter: The role of attitudes and personality in DUI offenders

Bayesian random effect models incorporating real-time weather and traffic data to investigate mountainous freeway hazardous factors

Blocking-out auditory distracters while driving: A cognitive strategy to reduce task-demands on the road

Bundled automobile insurance coverage and accidents

Can driver education be improved by computer based training of cognitive skills?

Cervical and thoracic spine injury from interactions with vehicle roofs in pure rollover crashes

Child restraint use in low socio-economic areas of urban Sydney during transition to new legislation

Children's cycling skills: Development of a test and determination of individual and environmental correlates

Classifying performance impairment in response to sleep loss using pattern recognition algorithms on single session testing

Cognitive components of simulated driving performance: Sleep loss effects and predictors

Corridor-level signalized intersection safety analysis in Shanghai, China using Bayesian hierarchical models

Couples, contentious conversations, mobile telephone use and driving

Cyclists and drivers in road interactions: A comparison of perceived crash risk

Depth-based hotspot identification and multivariate ranking using the full Bayes approach

Determining quantitative road safety targets by applying statistical prediction techniques and a multi-stage adjustment procedure

Developing a self-reporting method to measure pedestrian behaviors at all ages

Development of a method for detecting jerks in safety critical events

Direct and indirect effects of mood on risk decision making in safety-critical workers

Does facing traffic improve pedestrian safety?

Driver behavior in car-to-pedestrian incidents: An application of the Driving Reliability and Error Analysis Method (DREAM)

Driver distraction in an unusual environment: effects of text-messaging in tunnels

Driver perception of roadside configurations on two-lane rural roads: Effects on speed and lateral placement

Driver's lane keeping ability with eyes off road: insights from a naturalistic study

Driver-injury severity in single-vehicle crashes in California: A mixed logit analysis of heterogeneity due to age and gender

Driving anger, emotional and instrumental aggressiveness, and impulsiveness in the prediction of aggressive and transgressive driving

Driving with navigational instructions: Investigating user behaviour and performance

Effects of experience and electronic stability control on low friction collision avoidance in a truck driving simulator

Effects of fall injury type and discharge placement on mortality, hospitalization, falls, and ADL changes among older people in Taiwan

Effects of the presence of the body in helmet oblique impacts

Effects of vehicle seat and belt geometry on belt fit for children with and without belt positioning booster seats

Efficient driver drowsiness detection at moderate levels of drowsiness

Elderly drivers' everyday behavior as a predictor of crash involvement-Questionnaire responses by drivers' family members

Emotional reactions to cycle helmet use

Estimation of number of fatalities caused by toxic gases due to fire in road tunnels

Estimation of the severity of safety critical events

Evaluating the road safety effects of a fuel cost increase measure by means of zonal crash prediction modeling

Evaluating the signal head upgrade program in the city of Surrey

Evaluation of screening tests for predicting older driver performance and safety assessed by an on-road test

Evidence that changes in social cognitions predict changes in self-reported driver behavior: Causal analyses of two-wave panel data

Examination of naturalistic driving practices in drivers with Parkinson's disease compared to age and gender-matched controls

Examining the effects of an eco-driving message on driver distraction

Exploring the determinants of pedestrian-vehicle crash severity in New York City

Exploring the safety implications of young drivers' behavior, attitudes and perceptions

Extracting decision rules from police accident reports through decision trees

Factors associated with injuries occurred on slope intersections and in snow parks compared to on-slope injuries

Factors related to seatbelt-wearing among rear-seat passengers in Malaysia

Full Bayes Poisson gamma, Poisson lognormal, and zero inflated random effects models: Comparing the precision of crash frequency estimates

Gauging popular support for traffic safety in the United States

Gender stereotypes and superior conformity of the self in a sample of cyclists

Health burden of road traffic accidents, an analysis of clinical data on disability and mortality exposure rates in Flanders and Brussels

How does a modal shift from short car trips to cycling affect road safety?

How realistic are older drivers' ratings of their driving ability?

Identifying if VISSIM simulation model and SSAM provide reasonable estimates for field measured traffic conflicts at signalized intersections

Impact of grade separator on pedestrian risk taking behavior

Impact of totally and partially predictive alert in distracted and undistracted subjects: an event related potential study

Impact of traffic states on freeway crash involvement rates

Impact speed and a pedestrian's risk of severe injury or death

Impairment of simulated motorcycle riding performance under low dose alcohol

Implementation of a community-based mature driver screening and referral program: A feasibility study

Increasing motorcycles attention and search conspicuity by using Alternating-Blinking Lights System (ABLS)

Individual differences in drivers' cognitive processing of road safety messages

Influence of personal mobile phone ringing and usual intention to answer on driver error

Intelligent geocoding system to locate traffic crashes

Interventions to evaluate fitness to drive among people with chronic conditions: Systematic review of literature

Inverse propensity weighting to adjust for bias in fatal crash samples

Investigation of models for relating roundabout safety to predicted speed

Investigation of pulmonary contusion extent and its correlation to crash, occupant, and injury characteristics in motor vehicle crashes

Left-turn gap acceptance models considering pedestrian movement characteristics

Long term bicycle related head injury trends for New South Wales, Australia following mandatory helmet legislation

Mitigating the effects of in-vehicle distractions through use of the Psychological Refractory Period paradigm

Modeling crash frequency and severity using multinomial-generalized Poisson model with error components

Motorcycling experience and hazard perception

Near peripheral motion contrast threshold predicts older drivers' simulator performance

Neck injury response to direct head impact

Outcomes one year after a road accident: Results from the ESPARR cohort

Pedestrian and bicycle plans and the incidence of crash-related injuries

Pedestrians' intention to jaywalk: Automatic or planned? A study based on a dual-process model in China

Perception of safety of cyclists in Dublin City

Performance measures and input uncertainty for pedestrian crossing exposure estimates

Performance of a cognitive, but not visual, secondary task interacts with alcohol-induced balance impairment in novice and experienced motorcycle riders

Persuading drivers to refrain from speeding: Effects of message sidedness and regulatory fit

Predicting the acceptance of advanced rider assistance systems

Prevalence and factors associated with road traffic crash among taxi drivers in Hanoi, Vietnam

Preventing risky driving: A novel and efficient brief intervention focusing on acknowledgement of personal risk factors

Profitability and occupational injuries in U.S. underground coal mines

Psychological factors associated with indices of risky, reckless and cautious driving in a national sample of drivers in the Republic of Ireland

Response corridors for the medial-lateral compressive stiffness of the human arm: Implications for side impact protection

Results of a randomized controlled trial assessing the efficacy of the Supervising for Home Safety program: Impact on mothers' supervision practices

Road accidents caused by sleepy drivers: Update of a Norwegian survey

Road rage among drug dependent patients

Road user behaviour changes following a self-explaining roads intervention

Safety countermeasures and crash reduction in New York City-Experience and lessons learned

Safety effectiveness of converting signalized intersections to roundabouts

Safety effects of permanent running lights for bicycles: A controlled experiment

Safety models incorporating graph theory based transit indicators

Safety network screening for municipalities with incomplete traffic volume data

Short and user-friendly: The development and validation of the Mini-DBQ

Sleep-related collisions in United Arab Emirates

Sleepy driving on the real road and in the simulator-A comparison

Small sample sizes, overextraction, and unrealistic expectations: A commentary on M. Mattsson

Source of head injury for pedestrians and pedal cyclists: Striking vehicle or road?

Speed enforcement in China: National, provincial and city initiatives and their success

Speeding by young novice drivers: What can personal characteristics and psychosocial theory add to our understanding?

Street racing video games and risk-taking driving: An Internet survey of automobile enthusiasts

Supervised hours requirements in graduated driver licensing: Effectiveness and parental awareness

Temporal modeling of highway crash counts for senior and non-senior drivers

The association between knee airbag deployment and knee-thigh-hip fracture injury risk in motor vehicle collisions: A matched cohort study

The crash at Kerang: Investigating systemic and psychological factors leading to unintentional non-compliance at rail level crossings

The effect of the new traffic law on drinking and driving in São Paulo, Brazil

The effect of three low-cost engineering treatments on driver fatigue: A driving simulator study

The effects of cannabis and alcohol on simulated driving: influences of dose and experience

The emotional side of cognitive distraction: implications for road safety

The impact of Stereotype Threat on the simulated driving performance of older drivers

The influence of curbs on driver behaviors in four-lane rural highways-A driving simulator based study

The influence of differences in the functioning of the neurocognitive attentional networks on drivers' performance

The licensing and safety of older drivers in Britain

The Maze Test: A significant predictor of older driver crash risk

The Spanish pictogram on medicines and driving: The population's comprehension of and attitudes towards its use on medication packaging

The validity of the risk index for comparing the accident risk associated with different work schedules

Thermal subjective sensations of motorcyclists

Thoracic injuries to contained and restrained occupants in single-vehicle pure rollover crashes

Traffic analysis zone level crash estimation models based on land use characteristics

Transport mode preferences, risk perception and worry in a Norwegian urban population

Trends in tractor related fatalities among adults working on farms in Victoria, Australia, 1985-2010

Turning off the cameras: Red light running characteristics and rates after photo enforcement legislation expired

Understanding and managing disaster evacuation on a transportation network

Understanding how drivers learn to anticipate risk on the road: A laboratory experiment of affective anticipation of road hazards

Using naturalistic driving data to identify variables associated with infrequent, occasional, and consistent seat belt use

Vehicle impoundment regulations as a means for reducing traffic-violations and road accidents in Israel

Vehicle mass and injury risk in two-car crashes: A novel methodology

When two motivations race: The effects of time-saving bias and sensation-seeking on driving speed choices

Why do cyclists infringe at red lights? An investigation of Australian cyclists' reasons for red light infringement