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Accident analysis and prevention

Journal Volume: 51
Journal Issue:
Journal Year: 2013
Articles in SafetyLit: 40

A comparison of static and dynamic hazard perception tests

A mathematical modeling approach to resource allocation for railroad-highway crossing safety upgrades

A psychosocial model of young adult passengers' intervening in unsafe driving of their friends

A simulator study investigating how motorcyclists approach side-road hazards

A study and comparison of the effects of low speed change vehicle collisions on the human body

Adolescent exposure to drink driving as a predictor of young adults' drink driving

An assessment of the safety effects of the French speed camera program

Analysis of traffic accidents on rural highways using latent class clustering and bayesian networks

Assessment of driving expertise using multiple choice questions including static vs. animated presentation of driving scenarios

Comparison of crashes during public holidays and regular weekends

Driver anger on the information superhighway: a content analysis of online complaints of offensive driver behaviour

Effects of mobile Internet use on college student pedestrian injury risk

Effects of the feeling of invulnerability and the feeling of control on motivation to participate in experience-based analysis, by type of risk

Evaluating the performance of network screening methods for detecting high collision concentration locations on highways

Hurried driving: Relationship to distress tolerance, driver anger, aggressive and risky driving in college students

Impaired vigilance and increased accident rate in public transport operators is associated with sleep disorders

Impulsivity, risky behaviors and accidents in alcohol-dependent patients

Job demands, job resources and safety outcomes: The roles of emotional exhaustion and safety compliance

Measurement equivalence and mean comparisons of a safety climate measure across construction trades

Modeling and analyzing traffic safety perceptions: An application to the speed limit reduction pilot project in Edmonton, Alberta

Modeling motivation and habit in driving behavior under lifetime driver's license revocation

Modeling school bus seat belt usage: Nested and mixed logit approaches

Modeling two-vehicle crash severity by a bivariate generalized ordered probit approach

Modelling driver behaviour towards innovative warning devices at railway level crossings

Motor vehicle fatalities among oil and gas extraction workers

Noise abatement and traffic safety: The trade-off of quieter engines and pavements on vehicle detection

Parents' attitudes, knowledge and behaviours relating to safe child occupant travel

Prediction of road accidents: A Bayesian hierarchical approach

Predictors of road crossing safety in pedestrians with Parkinson's disease

Risk factors for causing road crashes involving cyclists: An application of a quasi-induced exposure method

The contribution of inhibitory deficits to dangerous driving among young people

The contributions of sleep-related risk factors to diurnal car accidents

The relationship of dangerous driving with traffic offenses: A study on an adapted measure of dangerous driving

The visual control of bicycle steering: The effects of speed and path width

Traffic citation rates among drivers of different residency status in the United States

Trajectories of kinematic risky driving among novice teenagers

Trends in socio-economic inequalities in injury mortality among men in small areas of 26 Spanish cities, 1996-2007

Utilizing support vector machine in real-time crash risk evaluation

Will the light truck bumper height-matching standard reduce deaths in cars?

Work disability after road traffic injury in a mixed population with and without hospitalisation