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Accident analysis and prevention

Journal Volume: 55
Journal Issue:
Journal Year: 2013
Articles in SafetyLit: 29

A crash-prediction model for road tunnels

An illusory size-speed bias and railway crossing collisions

Bicyclists overestimate their own night-time conspicuity and underestimate the benefits of retroreflective markers on the moveable joints

Consideration of future safety consequences: A new predictor of employee safety

Evaluating alternate discrete choice frameworks for modeling ordinal discrete variables

Evaluation of the benefits of vehicle safety technology: The MUNDS study

Exploring factors contributing to injury severity at freeway merging and diverging locations in Ohio

Factors associated with civilian drivers involved in crashes with emergency vehicles

Finite element analysis of occupant head injuries: Parametric effects of the side curtain airbag deployment interaction with a dummy head in a side impact crash

How do time pressured drivers estimate speed and time?

Identification of hazardous road locations of traffic accidents by means of kernel density estimation and cluster significance evaluation

Inexperience and risky decisions of young adolescents, as pedestrians and cyclists, in interactions with lorries, and the effects of competency versus awareness education

Influence of approaching tram on behaviour of pedestrians in signalised crosswalks in Poland

Interrupted versus uninterrupted flow: A safety propensity index for driver behavior

Kinetic and kinematic responses of post mortem human surrogates and the Hybrid III ATD in high-speed frontal sled tests

Modeling uncertainty in risk assessment: An integrated approach with fuzzy set theory and Monte Carlo simulation

Modeling work zone crash frequency by quantifying measurement errors in work zone length

Pregnant driver-associated motor vehicle crashes in North Carolina, 2001-2008

Safety climate dimensions as predictors for risk behavior

Spatial panel analyses of alcohol outlets and motor vehicle crashes in California: 1999-2008

Still red light for red light cameras? An update

Systemic accident analysis: Examining the gap between research and practice

The influence of anger, impulsivity, sensation seeking and driver attitudes on risky driving behaviour among post-graduate university students in Durban, South Africa

The sensitivity of the calculation of ΔV to vehicle and impact parameters

The socioeconomic inequality in traffic-related disability among Chinese adults: The application of concentration index

Updating outdated predictive accident models

Using multivariate adaptive regression splines (MARS) to develop crash modification factors for urban freeway interchange influence areas

Velocity, safety, or both? How do balance and strength of goal conflicts affect drivers' behaviour, feelings and physiological responses?

What factors influence older people in the decision to relinquish their driver's licence? A discrete choice experiment