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Accident analysis and prevention

Journal Volume: 58
Journal Issue:
Journal Year: 2013
Articles in SafetyLit: 39

A comparison of the Driving Anger Scale and the Propensity for Angry Driving Scale

A naturalistic study of commuter cyclists in the greater Stockholm area

An analysis of driving and working hour on commercial motor vehicle driver safety using naturalistic data collection

An on-road network analysis-based approach to studying driver situation awareness at rail level crossings

Analysis of driver and passenger crash injury severity using partial proportional odds models

At the cross-roads: An on-road examination of driving errors at intersections

Attention allocation patterns in naturalistic driving

Chunking: A procedure to improve naturalistic data analysis

Critical power two wheeler driving patterns at the emergence of an incident

Data collection and processing tools for naturalistic study of powered two-wheelers users' behaviours

Debiasing overoptimistic beliefs about braking capacity

Different risk thresholds in pedestrian road crossing behaviour: A comparison of French and Japanese approaches

Distraction-induced driving error: An on-road examination of the errors made by distracted and undistracted drivers

Driver perceptions of the safety implications of quiet electric vehicles

Driving with pets as a risk factor for motor vehicle collisions among older drivers

Eye movement and brake reactions to real world brake-capacity forward collision warnings-A naturalistic driving study

How similar are two-unit bicycle and motorcycle crashes?

Injury incidence rates of cyclists compared to pedestrians, car occupants and powered two-wheeler riders, using a medical registry and mobility data, Rhône County, France

Is naturalistic driving research possible with highly instrumented cars? Lessons learnt in three research centres

Multi-level Bayesian analyses for single- and multi-vehicle freeway crashes

Naturalistic study of rider's behaviour in initial training in France: Evidence of limitations in the educational content

Older driver distraction: A naturalistic study of behaviour at intersections

Older drivers and rapid deceleration events: Salisbury Eye Evaluation Driving Study

On-road behaviour of younger and older novices during the first six months of driving

Risky driving behavior among university students and staff in the Sultanate of Oman

Safety riding program and motorcycle-related injuries in Thailand

The contribution of on-road studies of road user behaviour to improving road safety

The effect of external non-driving factors, payment type and waiting and queuing on fatigue in long distance trucking

The effect of male teenage passengers on male teenage drivers: Findings from a driving simulator study

The effect of Operation 24 Hours on reducing collisions in the City of Edmonton

The relationship between vehicle roof crush and head, neck and spine injury in rollover crashes

The value of site-based observations complementary to naturalistic driving observations: A pilot study on the right turn manoeuvre

The view from the road: The contribution of on-road glance-monitoring technologies to understanding driver behavior

Vehicle-based studies of driving in the real world: The hard truth?

Vigilance decrement during the on-the-road driving tests: The importance of time-on-task in psychopharmacological research

What factors influence drivers' response time for evasive maneuvers in real traffic?

Wheels, skills and thrills: A social marketing trial to reduce aggressive driving from young men in deprived areas

Which visual measures affect change in driving difficulty after first eye cataract surgery?

Young drivers who obtained their licence after an intensive driving course report more incidents than drivers with a traditional driver education