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Accident analysis and prevention

Journal Volume: 59
Journal Issue:
Journal Year: 2013
Articles in SafetyLit: 69

A field test of substance use screening devices as part of routine drunk-driving spot detection operating procedures in South Africa

A test-based method for the assessment of pre-crash warning and braking systems

Analysis of developed transition road safety barrier systems

Analysis of the minimum swerving distance for the development of a motorcycle autonomous braking system

Analysis of U.S. freight-train derailment severity using zero-truncated negative binomial regression and quantile regression

Angular impact mitigation system for bicycle helmets to reduce head acceleration and risk of traumatic brain injury

Aortic injuries in newer vehicles

Association between mental health and fall injury in Canadian immigrants and non-immigrants

Automobile drivers' willingness to pay for moving violation behaviour-Compared to motorcyclists

Background music as a risk factor for distraction among young-novice drivers

Burst fractures of the lumbar spine in frontal crashes

Can a road safety measure be both effective and ineffective at the same time? A game-theoretic model of the effects of daytime running lights

Can it be true that most drivers are safer than the average driver?

Can we improve clinical prediction of at-risk older drivers?

Changes in self-reported driving intentions and attitudes while learning to drive in Great Britain

Concurrent processing of vehicle lane keeping and speech comprehension tasks

Cyclist activity and injury risk analysis at signalized intersections: A Bayesian modelling approach

Design of motorcycle rider protection systems using numerical techniques

Development and validation of safety climate scales for mobile remote workers using utility/electrical workers as exemplar

Distraction and driving: results from a case-control responsibility study of traffic crash injured drivers interviewed at the emergency room

Do lower income areas have more pedestrian casualties?

Does a cycle training course improve cycling skills in children?

Dog safety in rural China: Children's sources of safety information and effect on knowledge, attitudes, and practices

Effects of uni- and multimodal cueing on handrail grasping and associated gaze behavior in older adults

Ejection of a rear facing, golf cart passenger

Ergonomic analyses within the French transport and logistics sector: First steps towards a new "act elsewhere" prevention approach

Evaluating alternate discrete outcome frameworks for modeling crash injury severity

Evaluating the double Poisson generalized linear model

Evaluation of motorcycle safety strategies using the severity of injuries

Exploring the effects of driving experience on hazard awareness and risk perception via real-time hazard identification, hazard classification, and rating tasks

Factors associated with the hospital admission of consumer product-related injuries treated in U.S. hospital emergency departments

Factors influencing safety in a sample of marked pedestrian crossings selected for safety inspections in the city of Oslo

Functional declines as predictors of risky street-crossing decisions in older pedestrians

Guardrail influence on pedestrian crossing behavior at roundabouts

Hotspots identification and ranking for road safety improvement: An alternative approach

Human and organisational factors in maritime accidents: Analysis of collisions at sea using the HFACS

Hybrid cadaveric/surrogate model of thoracolumbar spine injury due to simulated fall from height

Impact of pavement conditions on crash severity

Improving seat belt use among teen drivers: Findings from a service-learning approach

Injury severity and seating position in accidents with German EMS helicopters

International transferability of accident modification functions for horizontal curves

Intersection assistance: A safe solution for older drivers?

Is road safety management linked to road safety performance?

Long-term analysis of the impact of longitudinal barriers on motorway safety

MADYMO simulation of children in cycle accidents: A novel approach in risk assessment

Modeling vehicle operating speed on urban roads in Montreal: A panel mixed ordered probit fractional split model

Motorcyclists violating hook-turn area at intersections in Taiwan: An observational study

Multivariate spatial models of excess crash frequency at area level: Case of Costa Rica

Observational study of child restraining practice on Norwegian high-speed roads: Restraint misuse poses a major threat to child passenger safety

Pressure to produce=pressure to reduce accident reporting?

Random parameter models of interstate crash frequencies by severity, number of vehicles involved, collision and location type

Rates and predictors of DUI among U.S.-Mexico border and non-border Mexican Americans

Revisiting the concept of the 'problem young driver' within the context of the 'young driver problem': Who are they?

Risk factors associated with traffic violations and accident severity in China

Risk of severe driver injury by driving with psychoactive substances

Self-reported wayfinding ability of older drivers

Short and long sleep duration and risk of drowsy driving and the role of subjective sleep insufficiency

Spatial-temporal analysis of drink-driving patterns in Hong Kong

Studying the role of vision in cycling: Critique on restricting research to fixation behaviour

The effect of the learner license Graduated Driver Licensing components on teen drivers' crashes

The estimated effect of mass or footprint reduction in recent light-duty vehicles on U.S. societal fatality risk per vehicle mile traveled

The impact on alcohol-related collisions of the partial decriminalization of impaired driving in British Columbia, Canada

The influence of economic incentives linked to road safety indicators on accidents: The case of toll concessions in Spain

The road against fatalities: Infrastructure spending vs. regulation??

The theory of planned behavior, materialism, and aggressive driving

To signal or not to signal: That should not be the question

Trends in head injuries associated with mandatory bicycle helmet legislation targeting children and adolescents

Understanding on-road practices of electric bike riders: An observational study in a developed city of China

Using speeding detections and numbers of fatalities to estimate relative risk of a fatality for motorcyclists and car drivers