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Accident analysis and prevention

Journal Volume: 60
Journal Issue:
Journal Year: 2013
Articles in SafetyLit: 50

A computational simulation study of the influence of helmet wearing on head injury risk in adult cyclists

A Poisson-lognormal conditional-autoregressive model for multivariate spatial analysis of pedestrian crash counts across neighborhoods

A road safety performance indicator for vehicle fleet compatibility

ADSEAT - Adaptive seat to reduce neck injuries for female and male occupants

An epidemiological study of the risk of cycling in the dark: The role of visual perception, conspicuity and alcohol use

Analysing the development of road safety using demographic data

Assessment of driving-related performance in chronic whiplash using an advanced driving simulator

Can a safety-in-numbers effect and a hazard-in-numbers effect co-exist in the same data?

Characterization and simulation of optical sensors

Communicating intended routes in ECDIS: Evaluating technological change

Comparing single vehicle and multivehicle fatal road crashes: A joint analysis of road conditions, time variables and driver characteristics

Corrigendum to: "Publication bias and time-trend bias in meta-analysis of bicycle helmet efficacy: a re-analysis of Attewell, Glase and McFadden, 2001" [Accid. Anal. Prev. 43 (2011) 1245-1251]

Crosswalk time estimation and time perception: An experimental study among older female pedestrians

Determinants of personal protective equipment (PPE) use in UK motorcyclists: exploratory research applying an extended theory of planned behaviour

Development of road safety performance indicators for trauma management in Europe

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs among adolescents: the role of urban and rural environments

Drug use and fatal motor vehicle crashes: a case-control study

Estimating the effect of emergency care on early survival after traffic crashes

Evolution of bicycle helmet use and its determinants in France: 2000-2010

Experimental research on the effectiveness of speed reduction markings based on driving simulation: a case study

Explaining the road accident risk: Weather effects

Exploring inattention and distraction in the SafetyNet Accident Causation Database

Exploring the effects of attitudinal and perception characteristics on drinking and driving non-compliant behaviour

Exposure data and risk indicators for safety performance assessment in Europe

GOALDS-Goal Based Damage Ship Stability and safety standards

Impact of road traffic injuries on disability rates and long-term care costs in Spain

Keeping baby safe: a randomized trial of a parent training program for infant and toddler motor vehicle injury prevention

Lorazepam impairs highway driving performance more than heavy alcohol consumption

Multilevel analysis in road safety research

On statistical inference in time series analysis of the evolution of road safety

Prediction of thoracic injury severity in frontal impacts by selected anatomical morphomic variables through model-averaged logistic regression approach

Preventing childhood falls within the home: overview of systematic reviews and a systematic review of primary studies

Psychological factors for driver distraction and inattention in the Australian and New Zealand rail industry

Random breath testing in Queensland and Western Australia: examination of how the random breath testing rate influences alcohol related traffic crash rates

Recognising safety critical events: Can automatic video processing improve naturalistic data analyses?

Revisiting exposure: fatal and non-fatal traffic injury risk across different populations of travelers in Wisconsin, 2001-2009

Risk of road accident associated with the use of drugs: a systematic review and meta-analysis of evidence from epidemiological studies

Road safety development in Europe: a decade of changes (2001-2010)

Road safety issues for bus transport management

Road safety performance indicators for the interurban road network

Spatiotemporal analysis of vehicle collisions involving wild boar and roe deer in NW Spain

State-space based analysis and forecasting of macroscopic road safety trends in Greece

Swedish hunters' safety behaviour and experience of firearm incidents

Testing the validity of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) safety culture model

The "killing zone" revisited: serial nonlinearities predict general aviation accident rates from pilot total flight hours

The impact of high-risk drivers and benefits of limiting their driving degree of freedom

The impacts of speed cameras on road accidents: an application of propensity score matching methods

The influence of the infrastructure characteristics in urban road accidents occurrence

The role of alcohol use on recent trends in distracted driving

Unsupervised driving by learner licence holders: associated characteristics and crash risk