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Accident analysis and prevention

Journal Volume: 64
Journal Issue:
Journal Year: 2014
Articles in SafetyLit: 14

A cross-sectional observational study of helmet use among motorcyclists in Wa, Ghana

A new access density definition and its correlation with crash rates by microscopic traffic simulation method

Bayesian methodology to estimate and update safety performance functions under limited data conditions: a sensitivity analysis

Dynamic compositional modeling of pedestrian crash counts on urban roads in Connecticut

Effectiveness of red light running camera enforcement program in reducing crashes: evaluation using "before the installation", "after the installation", and "after the termination" data

Evaluating a novice driver and pre-driver road safety intervention

Injury prediction in a side impact crash using human body model simulation

Modifying behaviour to reduce over-speeding in work-related drivers: an objective approach

Peer influence on speeding behaviour among male drivers aged 18 and 28

Surrogate safety measure for evaluating rear-end collision risk related to kinematic waves near freeway recurrent bottlenecks

The Dula Dangerous Driving Index in China: an investigation of reliability and validity

The effect of traffic tickets on road traffic crashes

The influence of a bicycle commuter's appearance on drivers' overtaking proximities: an on-road test of bicyclist stereotypes, high-visibility clothing and safety aids in the United Kingdom

Traffic violations in Guangdong Province of China: speeding and drunk driving