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Accident analysis and prevention

Journal Volume: 71C
Journal Issue:
Journal Year: 2014
Articles in SafetyLit: 37

A meta-analysis of the effects of texting on driving

A preliminary study of sexual activity as a distraction for young drivers

A study of bicyclist kinematics and injuries based on reconstruction of passenger car-bicycle accident in China

An investigation of state population characteristics that moderate the relationship of state seat belt law and use in the United States

Analysis of injury severity of drivers involved in single- and two-vehicle crashes on highways in Ontario

Attentional bias toward safety predicts safety behaviors

Augmented reality cues to assist older drivers with gap estimation for left-turns

Denoising traffic collision data using Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition (EEMD) and its application for constructing Continuous Risk Profile (CRP)

Driver rehabilitation: a systematic review of the types and effectiveness of interventions used by occupational therapists to improve on-road fitness-to-drive

Driving anger in Malaysia

Early morning awakening and nonrestorative sleep are associated with increased minor non-fatal accidents during work and leisure time

Effect of joint mechanism on vehicle redirectional capability of water-filled road safety barrier systems

Effects of excessive speeding and falling asleep while driving on crash injury severity in Ethiopia: A generalized ordered logit model analysis

Effects of work zone configurations and traffic density on performance variables and subjective workload

Evaluating time-reminder strategies before amber: common signal, green flashing and green countdown

Evaluation of a simulation-based surrogate safety metric

Exploring the impact of a dedicated streetcar right-of-way on pedestrian motor vehicle collisions: a quasi experimental design

Finite mixture modeling for vehicle crash data with application to hotspot identification

Health status recovery at one year in children injured in a road accident: A cohort study

How effective is drug testing as a workplace safety strategy? A systematic review of the evidence

Integrated traffic conflict model for estimating crash modification factors

Latent risk and trend models for the evolution of annual fatality numbers in 30 European countries

Long-term chronic diseases and crash responsibility: a record linkage study

Managing children's risk of injury in the home: does parental teaching about home safety reduce young children's hazard interactions?

Microsimulation modelling of driver behaviour towards alternative warning devices at railway level crossings

Modelling road accident blackspots data with the discrete generalized Pareto distribution

Modelling total duration of traffic incidents including incident detection and recovery time

Multimodal injury risk analysis of road users at signalized and non-signalized intersections

Pedestrian crossing situations: Quantification of comfort boundaries to guide intervention timing

Powered two-wheeler drivers' crash risk associated with the use of bus lanes

Propensity scores-potential outcomes framework to incorporate severity probabilities in the Highway Safety Manual crash prediction algorithm

Road safety impact of Ontario street racing and stunt driving law

Safety propensity index for signalized and unsignalized intersections: exploration and assessment

Seatbelt wearing rates in middle income countries: A cross-country analysis

Sensation seeking and drunk driving: The mediational role of social norms and self-efficacy

The relationship between social capital and traffic law violations: Israeli Arabs as a case study

Value of a statistical life in road safety: a benefit-transfer function with risk-analysis guidance based on developing country data