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Accident analysis and prevention

Journal Volume: 72C
Journal Issue:
Journal Year: 2014
Articles in SafetyLit: 47

A few seconds to have an accident, a long time to recover: Consequences for road accident victims from the ESPARR cohort 2 years after the accident

A multinomial logit analysis of risk factors influencing road traffic injury severities in the Erzurum and Kars Provinces of Turkey

A review of the effect of traffic and weather characteristics on road safety

Accident rates amongst regular bicycle riders in Tasmania, Australia

Accounting for heterogeneity among treatment sites and time trends in developing crash modification functions

Analysis of work zone rear-end crash risk for different vehicle-following patterns

Causes of fatal accidents for instrument-certified and non-certified private pilots

Comparing the effects of age, BMI and gender on severe injury (AIS 3+) in motor-vehicle crashes

Comparison of teen and adult driver crash scenarios in a nationally representative sample of serious crashes

Computer vision and driver distraction: developing a behaviour-flagging protocol for naturalistic driving data

Development of a short form of the driving anger expression inventory

Development of a variable speed limit strategy to reduce secondary collision risks during inclement weather

Driving errors of learner teens: frequency, nature and their association with practice

Driving under the influence of alcohol in the Netherlands by time of day and day of the week

Effect of different breath alcohol concentrations on driving performance in horizontal curves

Effect of weight, height and BMI on injury outcome in side impact crashes without airbag deployment

Effectiveness of cable barriers, guardrails, and concrete barrier walls in reducing the risk of injury

Factors contributing to driver choice after hitting a pedestrian in Japan

Fatigue and crashes: the case of freight transport in Colombia

Graphical fault tree analysis for fatal falls in the construction industry

Intelligent speed assistance for serious speeders: The results of the Dutch Speedlock trial

Interaction between socio-demographic characteristics: traffic rule violations and traffic crash history for young drivers

Investigating driver willingness to drive through flooded waterways

Jurisdictional spillover effects of sprawl on injuries and fatalities

Mixed logit model-based driver injury severity investigations in single- and multi-vehicle crashes on rural two-lane highways

Motorcyclist's lane position as a factor in right-of-way violation collisions: a driving simulator study

Non-compliance with graduated driver licensing (GDL) requirements: changes in GDL-related conviction rates over time among 16-17-year-old California drivers

Odds of fault and factors for out-of-state drivers in crashes in four states of the USA

On the relationship between pedestrian gap acceptance and time to arrival estimates

Partial proportional odds model-An alternate choice for analyzing pedestrian crash injury severities

Pedestrian at-fault crashes on rural and urban roadways in Alabama

Personality and attitudes as predictors of risky driving among older drivers

Personality domains and traits that predict self-reported aberrant driving behaviours in a southeastern US university sample

Real-time assessment of fog-related crashes using airport weather data: a feasibility analysis

Safe places for pedestrians: Using cognitive work analysis to consider the relationships between the engineering and urban design of footpaths

Stability of risky driving from late adolescence to early adulthood

Texting while driving: is speech-based text entry less risky than handheld text entry?

The contribution of parents' driving behavior, family climate for road safety, and parent-targeted intervention to young male driving behavior

The effect of different delineator post configurations on driver speed in night-time traffic: A driving simulator study

The effects of cycle lanes, vehicle to kerb distance and vehicle type on cyclists' attention allocation during junction negotiation

The Prosocial and Aggressive Driving Inventory (PADI): A self-report measure of safe and unsafe driving behaviors

The response of the adult and ATD heads to impacts onto a rigid surface

Time-series intervention analysis of pedestrian countdown timer effects

Transport priorities, risk perception and worry associated with mode use and preferences among Norwegian commuters

Trends in older driver crash involvement rates and survivability in the United States: an update

Using naturalistic driving data to explore the association between traffic safety-related events and crash risk at driver level

Why do organizations not learn from incidents? Bottlenecks, causes and conditions for a failure to effectively learn