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Accident analysis and prevention

Journal Volume: 73C
Journal Issue:
Journal Year: 2014
Articles in SafetyLit: 45

A prospective study of children aged <16 years in motor vehicle collisions in Norway: severe injuries are observed predominantly in older children and are associated with restraint misuse

A stable and optimized neural network model for crash injury severity prediction

Adult headform impact tests of three Japanese child bicycle helmets into a vehicle

Alcohol consumption as an incremental factor in health care costs for traffic accident victims: Evidence in a medium sized Colombian city

Ambulance transport rates after motor vehicle collision for older vs. younger adults: A population-based study

Analyzing fault and severity in pedestrian-motor vehicle accidents in China

Applying the Generalized Waring model for investigating sources of variance in motor vehicle crash analysis

Automated section speed control on motorways: an evaluation of the effect on driving speed

Bayesian networks for maritime traffic accident prevention: benefits and challenges

Behavioural effects of fixed speed cameras on motorways: overall improved speed compliance or kangaroo jumps?

Continuing to drive while sleepy: the influence of sleepiness countermeasures, motivation for driving sleepy, and risk perception

Cyclists' clothing and reduced risk of injury in crashes

Development of a subway operation incident delay model using accelerated failure time approaches

Effects of enforcement intensity on alcohol impaired driving crashes

Emergency healthcare worker sleep, fatigue, and alertness behavior survey (SFAB): Development and content validation of a survey tool

Evaluating traffic informers: testing the behavioral and social-cognitive effects of an adolescent bicycle safety education program

Evaluation of e-bike accidents in Switzerland

Hazard detection in noise-related incidents - the role of driving experience with battery electric vehicles

Hostility, driving anger, and dangerous driving: the emerging role of hemispheric preference

How to identify the key factors that affect driver perception of accident risk. A comparison between Italian and Spanish driver behavior

Influence of road markings, lane widths and driver behaviour on proximity and speed of vehicles overtaking cyclists

Investigation of time and weather effects on crash types using full Bayesian multivariate Poisson lognormal models

Maintenance: organizational modes, activities and health and safety. Use of a French national survey and in-situ analyses

Profiling contextual factors which influence safety in heavy vehicle industries

Prospect theory based estimation of drivers' risk attitudes in route choice behaviors

Refined-scale panel data crash rate analysis using random-effects tobit model

Requests for medical assistance during an amateur road cycling race

Research-informed evidence and support for road safety legislation: findings from a national survey

Risky driving and recorded driving offences: A 24-year follow-up study

Safety assessment characteristics of pedestrian legform impactors in vehicle-front impact tests

Short-term reliability of a brief hazard perception test

Speed cameras, section control, and kangaroo jumps-a meta-analysis

Speed limit reduction in urban areas: a before-after study using Bayesian generalized mixed linear models

The effect of family climate on risky driving of young novices: the moderating role of attitude and locus of control

The effect of hardhats on head and neck response to vertical impacts from large construction objects

The effect of stress and personality on dangerous driving behavior among Chinese drivers

The explosion at institute: modeling and analyzing the situation awareness factor

The influence of image valence on visual attention and perception of risk in drivers

The likelihood of achieving quantified road safety targets: a binary logistic regression model for possible factors

The relative contribution of system failures and extreme behaviour in South Australian crashes

The role of experience and advanced training on performance in a motorcycle simulator

The safety of electrically assisted bicycles compared to classic bicycles

Time and distance to first accident and driving patterns of young drivers with pay-as-you-drive insurance

Typical pedestrian accident scenarios for the development of autonomous emergency braking test protocols

Validation of the Chinese-language Brief Sensation Seeking Scale: Implications for risky riding behaviors of parental motorcyclists and their child passengers