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Accident analysis and prevention

Journal Volume: 74
Journal Issue:
Journal Year: 2015
Articles in SafetyLit: 38

A hazard-based duration model for analyzing crossing behavior of cyclists and electric bike riders at signalized intersections

A multinomial choice model approach for dynamic driver vision transitions

A review of models relevant to road safety

An exploration of alternative intersection designs in the context of Safe System

An observational study of driving distractions on urban roads in Spain

Assessing multimodal school travel safety in North Carolina

Assessing the 'system' in safe systems-based road designs: using cognitive work analysis to evaluate intersection designs

Behavioral adaptation of young and older drivers to an intersection crossing advisory system

Characteristics of turn signal use at intersections in baseline naturalistic driving

Comparison of pregnant and non-pregnant occupant crash and injury characteristics based on national crash data

Developing crash modification functions to assess safety effects of adding bike lanes for urban arterials with different roadway and socio-economic characteristics

Do mental workload and presence experienced when driving a real car predispose drivers to simulator sickness? An exploratory study

Drivers' phone use at red traffic lights: a roadside observation study comparing calls and visual-manual interactions

Driving while drinking: performance impairments resulting from social drinking

Evidence that attitude accessibility augments the relationship between speeding attitudes and speeding behavior: a test of the MODE model in the context of driving

Evidence that implementation intentions reduce drivers' speeding behavior: testing a new intervention to change driver behavior

Family reports of medically impaired drivers in Missouri: cognitive concerns and licensing outcomes

Gender differences in psychosocial predictors of texting while driving

Increased traffic accident rates associated with shale gas drilling in Pennsylvania

Knowledge and practice of childhood motor vehicle restraint use in Nova Scotia: Phase II

Measuring errors and violations on the road: a bifactor modeling approach to the Driver Behavior Questionnaire

Miles away or just around the corner? Systems thinking in road safety research and practice

Motor vehicle drivers' injuries in train-motor vehicle crashes

Multiple driver distractions: a systemic transport problem

Parents' perceptions of the family climate for road safety

Profiling high-range speeding offenders: investigating criminal history, personal characteristics, traffic offences, and crash history

Quantifying the influence of safe road systems and legal licensing age on road mortality among young adolescents: Steps towards system thinking

Reprint of "Safe places for pedestrians: Using cognitive work analysis to consider the relationships between the engineering and urban design of footpaths"

Safe system approach to reducing serious injury risk in motorcyclist collisions with fixed hazards

Safety effects of section control - an empirical Bayes evaluation

Safety performance functions incorporating design consistency variables

Sharing the responsibility for driver distraction across road transport systems: a systems approach to the management of distracted driving

Spatial analysis of highway incident durations in the context of Hurricane Sandy

Speed choice and mental workload of elderly cyclists on e-bikes in simple and complex traffic situations: a field experiment

System theory and safety models in Swedish, UK, Dutch and Australian road safety strategies

The effects of texting on driving performance in a driving simulator: the influence of driver age

The turning point in the number of traffic fatalities: two hypotheses about changes in underlying trends

Use of Cognitive Work Analysis for exploration of safety management in the operation of motorcycles and scooters