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Accident analysis and prevention

Journal Volume: 75
Journal Issue:
Journal Year: 2015
Articles in SafetyLit: 36

A procedure for a mechanical evaluation of an undefined osteo-protective material

A time of day analysis of crashes involving large trucks in urban areas

An example of the usefulness of joinpoint trend analysis for assessing changes in traffic safety policies

Application of classification algorithms for analysis of road safety risk factor dependencies

Cognitive functioning differentially predicts different dimensions of older drivers' on-road safety

Comparison of safety effect estimates obtained from empirical Bayes before-after study, propensity scores-potential outcomes framework, and regression model with cross-sectional data

Competing risks mixture model for traffic incident duration prediction

Development of adjustment functions to assess combined safety effects of multiple treatments on rural two-lane roadways

Driving under the influence of opioids among high school students in Atlantic Canada: prevalence, correlates, and the role of medical versus recreational consumption

Effects on speed and safety of point-to-point speed enforcement systems: evaluation on the urban motorway A56 Tangenziale di Napoli

Evaluating changes in driver behaviour: a risk profiling approach

Experimental examination of the effects of televised motor vehicle commercials on risk-positive attitudes, emotions and risky driving inclinations

Experimental research on the effectiveness and adaptability of speed reduction markings in downhill sections on urban roads: a driving simulation study

Exploring motorcycle red-light violation in response to pedestrian green signal countdown device

Impact of mandating a driving lesson for older drivers at license renewal in Japan

Increased patterns of risky behaviours among helmet wearers in skiing and snowboarding

Injuries related to off-road vehicles in Canada

Measures of activity-based pedestrian exposure to the risk of vehicle-pedestrian collisions: space-time path vs. potential path tree methods

Modeling anger and aggressive driving behavior in a dynamic choice-latent variable model

Modeling crash spatial heterogeneity: random parameter versus geographically weighting

Nothing good ever happens after midnight: observed exposure and alcohol use during weekend nights among young male drivers carrying passengers in a late licensing country

Perceived traffic risk for cyclists: the impact of near miss and collision experiences

Potential crash reduction benefits of shoulder rumble strips in two-lane rural highways

Reasons underlying behaviour of motorcyclists disregarding traffic regulations in urban areas of Indonesia

Road crash fatality rates in France: a comparison of road user types, taking account of travel practices

Safety effects of traffic signing for left turn flashing yellow arrow signals

Tactile warning signals for in-vehicle systems

The effect of chevron alignment signs on driver performance on horizontal curves with different roadway geometries

The impact of immediate or delayed feedback on driving behaviour in a simulated Pay-As-You-Drive system

The rate ratio of injury and aggressive incident for alcohol alone, cocaine alone and simultaneous use before the event: A case-crossover study

The relationship between the travelling speed and motorcycle styles in urban settings: a case study in Belgrade

The road user behaviour of school students in Iran

Unlicensed motorcycling of high school adolescents in Dehaghan county (Isfahan Province of Iran)

Use of age-period-cohort models to estimate effects of vehicle age, year of crash and year of vehicle manufacture on driver injury and fatality rates in single vehicle crashes in New South Wales, 2003-2010

Validation of the driver behaviour questionnaire using behavioural data from an instrumented vehicle and high-fidelity driving simulator

Wrong-way driving crashes on French divided roads