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Accident analysis and prevention

Journal Volume: 76
Journal Issue:
Journal Year: 2015
Articles in SafetyLit: 18

Calibration of skill and judgment in driving: development of a conceptual framework and the implications for road safety

Development of crash modification factors for changing lane width on roadway segments using generalized nonlinear models

Do not blame the driver: a systems analysis of the causes of road freight crashes

Driver behaviour profiles for road safety analysis

Evaluating the effectiveness of on-street bicycle lane and assessing risk to bicyclists in Charlotte, North Carolina

Experimental research on safety impacts of the inside shoulder based on driving simulation

Impact of age at onset of cannabis use on cannabis dependence and driving under the influence in the United States

Investigation of shipping accident injury severity and mortality

Left-turn phase: permissive, protected, or both? A quasi-experimental design in New York City

More screen operation than calling: the results of observing cyclists' behaviour while using mobile phones

Multi-level hot zone identification for pedestrian safety

On-road experiment to assess drivers' detection of roadside targets as a function of headlight system, target placement, and target reflectance

Some implications of an event-based definition of exposure to the risk of road accident

The influence of combined alignments on lateral acceleration on mountainous freeways: a driving simulator study

The relation between speed environment, age and injury outcome for bicyclists struck by a motorized vehicle - a comparison with pedestrians

The restless mind while driving: drivers' thoughts behind the wheel

Validation of a method to evaluate future impact of road safety interventions, a comparison between fatal passenger car crashes in Sweden 2000 and 2010

Young driver licensing: examination of population-level rates using New Jersey's state licensing database