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Accident analysis and prevention

Journal Volume: 78
Journal Issue:
Journal Year: 2015
Articles in SafetyLit: 24

A brief peripheral motion contrast threshold test predicts older drivers' hazardous behaviors in simulated driving

An exposure based study of crash and injury rates in a cohort of transport and recreational cyclists in New South Wales, Australia

Analysis of pedestrian accident costs in sudan using the willingness-to-pay method

Association between alcohol-impaired driving enforcement-related strategies and alcohol-impaired driving

Associations between driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, speeding and seatbelt use among fatally injured car drivers in Norway

Characteristics, cycling patterns, and crash and injury experiences at baseline of a cohort of transport and recreational cyclists in New South Wales, Australia

Do you see what I see? Effects of national culture on employees' safety-related perceptions and behavior

Effect of width and boundary conditions on meeting maneuvers on two-way separated cycle tracks

Effects of driver age and experience in abrupt-onset hazards

Evaluating the efficiency of local municipalities in providing traffic safety using the Data Envelopment Analysis

Investigating the accuracy of Bayesian techniques for before-after safety studies: The case of a "no treatment" evaluation

Investigation of pedestrian crashes on two-way two-lane rural roads in Ethiopia

Measurement invariance of the Driver Behavior Questionnaire across samples of young drivers from Finland and Ireland

Mobile phone use while driving: a hybrid modeling approach

Motor-vehicle collisions involving child pedestrians at intersection and mid-block locations

Multivariate crash modeling for motor vehicle and non-motorized modesat the macroscopic level

Nature and etiology of hollow-organ abdominal injuries in frontal crashes

Parents' and peers' contribution to risky driving of male teen drivers

Prospective safety performance evaluation on construction sites

Severe bicycling injury risk factors in children and adolescents: a case-control study

The impact of childhood symptoms of conduct disorder on driver aggression in adulthood

Understanding commercial truck drivers' decision-makin process concerning distracted driving

Visual guidance during bicycle steering through narrow lanes: a study in children

What determines the take-over time? An integrated model approach of driver take-over after automated driving