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Accident analysis and prevention

Journal Volume: 79
Journal Issue:
Journal Year: 2015
Articles in SafetyLit: 23

A randomized controlled evaluation study of the effects of a one-day advanced rider training course

A risk analysis of winter navigation in Finnish sea areas

An experimental study of factors associated with driver frustration and overtaking intentions

Assessment of safety effects for widening urban roadways in developing crash modification functions using nonlinearizing link functions

Crash risk and aberrant driving behaviors among bus drivers: the role of personality and attitudes towards traffic safety

Examining the relative effectiveness of different message framing strategies for child passenger safety: recommendations for increased comprehension and compliance

Fitness-to-drive after mild traumatic brain injury: mapping the time trajectory of recovery in the acute stages post injury

Hazard perception test for pedestrians

Impact characteristics of a vehicle population in low speed front to rear collisions

Impact of real-time traffic characteristics on freeway crash occurrence: systematic review and meta-analysis

Implicit attitudes and road safety behaviors. The helmet-use case

Investigation of the relationship between facial injuries and traumatic brain injuries using a realistic subject-specific finite element head model

Machine learning approaches to analysing textual injury surveillance data: a systematic review

Modelling runway incursion severity

Occupant injury and fatality in general aviation aircraft for which dynamic crash testing is certification-mandated

Overt vs. covert speed cameras in combination with delayed vs. immediate feedback to the offender

Prioritizing Highway Safety Manual's crash prediction variables using boosted regression trees

The bold and the fearless among us: elevated psychopathic traits and levels of anxiety and fear are associated with specific aberrant driving behaviors

The dynamic response characteristics of traumatic brain injury

The effects of changes in the traffic scene during overtaking

The influence of vehicle front-end design on pedestrian ground impact

Using travel socialization and underlying motivations to better understand motorcycle usage in Taiwan

Valuation of safety under reference-dependent evaluation of income