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Accident analysis and prevention

Journal Volume: 80
Journal Issue:
Journal Year: 2015
Articles in SafetyLit: 29

"Crashing the gates" - selection criteria for television news reporting of traffic crashes

A collection of evidence for the impact of the economic recession on road fatalities in Great Britain

A fully Bayesian before-after analysis of permeable friction course (PFC) pavement wet weather safety

A multinomial logit model-Bayesian network hybrid approach for driver injury severity analyses in rear-end crashes

Assessing dangerous driving behavior during driving inattention: psychometric adaptation and validation of the Attention-Related Driving Errors Scale in China

Burden of road traffic injuries: disability-adjusted life years in relation to hospitalization and the maximum abbreviated injury scale

Critical older driver errors in a national sample of serious U.S. crashes

Detecting unforgiving roadside contributors through the severity analysis of ran-off-road crashes

Enforcement avoidance behavior near automated speed enforcement areas in Korean expressways

Estimating safety performance trends over time for treatments at intersections in Florida

Full Bayesian evaluation of the safety effects of reducing the posted speed limit in urban residential area

Illegal road crossing behavior of pedestrians at overpass locations: factors affecting gap acceptance, crossing times and overpass use

Impact of alcohol checks and social norm on driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI)

Improved method for roadside barrier length of need modeling using real-world trajectories

Influence of stiffness and shape of contact surface on skull fractures and biomechanical metrics of the human head of different population underlateral impacts

Lane heading difference: an innovative model for drowsy driving detection using retrospective analysis around curves

Legal consequences for alcohol-impaired drivers injured in motor vehicle collisions: a systematic review

Methodological guidelines for developing accident modification functions

Operating under the influence: three year recidivism rates for motivation-enhancing versus standard care programs

Prevalence of alcohol and drugs among motorcycle riders killed in road crashes in Norway during 2001-2010

Rear seat safety: Variation in protection by occupant, crash and vehicle characteristics

Red light violations by adult pedestrians and other safety-related behaviors at signalized crosswalks

Relations between temperamental fear and risky pedestrian behavior

Safety assessment of the conversion of toll plazas to all-electronic toll collection system

Sleepiness, sleep, and use of sleepiness countermeasures in shift-working long-haul truck drivers

The development, factor structure and psychometric properties of driving self-regulation scales for older adults: has self-regulation evolved in the last 15 years?

The relationship between excess body weight and the risk of death from unnatural causes

The tolerance of the human body to automobile collision impact - a systematic review of injury biomechanics research, 1990-2009

Young driver crash rates by licensing age, driving experience, and license phase