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Accident analysis and prevention

Journal Volume: 85
Journal Issue:
Journal Year: 2015
Articles in SafetyLit: 23

Calibration of crash risk models on freeways with limited real-time traffic data using Bayesian meta-analysis and Bayesian inference approach

Can electronic stability control replace studded tyres?

Construction and evaluation of thoracic injury risk curves for a finite element human body model in frontal car crashes

Do we really need to use our smartphones while driving?

Driver's adaptive glance behavior to in-vehicle information systems

Estimating the human recovery costs of seriously injured road crash casualties

Examining signs of driver sleepiness, usage of sleepiness countermeasures and the associations with sleepy driving behaviours and individual factors

Exploring the application of latent class cluster analysis for investigating pedestrian crash injury severities in Switzerland

Exploring the influential factors in incident clearance time: Disentangling causation from self-selection bias

Finite element comparison of human and Hybrid III responses in a frontal impact

Hierarchical Bayesian random intercept model-based cross-level interaction decomposition for truck driver injury severity investigations

Identifying psychological and socio-economic factors affecting motorcycle helmet use

Long term mortality in a population-based cohort of adolescents, and young and middle-aged adults with burn injury in Western Australia: a 33-year study

NIOSH national survey of long-haul truck drivers: injury and safety

Occupant injury in rollover crashes - contribution of planar impacts with objects and other vehicles

Safety performance of traffic phases and phase transitions in three phase traffic theory

Speeding in urban environments: are the time savings worth the risk?

The influence of gait stance on pedestrian lower limb injury risk

The willingness to pay of parties to traffic accidents for loss of productivity and consolation compensation

Towards an explanation of age-related difficulties in crossing a two-way street

What are the differences in driver injury outcomes at highway-rail grade crossings? Untangling the role of pre-crash behaviors

Women drive better if not stereotyped

Working in tandem: the contribution of remedial programs and roadside licence suspensions to drinking and driving deterrence in Ontario