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Accident analysis and prevention

Journal Volume: 86
Journal Issue:
Journal Year: 2015
Articles in SafetyLit: 26

Accident-precipitating factors for crashes in turbine-powered general aviation aircraft

An evaluation of the impact of 'Lifeskills' training on road safety, substance use and hospital attendance in adolescence

Analysis of fatal train-pedestrian collisions in metropolitan Chicago 2004-2012

Are anxiety and fear separable emotions in driving? A laboratory study of behavioural and physiological responses to different driving environments

Are signalized intersections with cycle tracks safer? A case-control study based on automated surrogate safety analysis using video data

Benchmarking road safety performance: identifying a meaningful reference (best-in-class)

Built environment effects on cyclist injury severity in automobile-involved bicycle crashes

Community-based pedestrian safety training in virtual reality: a pragmatic trial

Crash protectiveness to occupant injury and vehicle damage: an investigation on major car brands

Differential effects of traffic sign stimuli upon speeding in school zones following a traffic light interruption

Does an on-road motorcycle coaching program reduce crashes in novice riders? A randomised control trial

Driving behaviour responses to a moose encounter, automatic speed camera, wildlife warning sign and radio message determined in a factorial simulator study

Fatiguing effect of multiple take-offs and landings in regional airline operations

In the eye of the beholder: a simulator study of the impact of Google Glass on driving performance

Integration of geometric consistency contributory factors in three-leg junctions collision prediction models of Portuguese two-lane national highways

Motorcycle helmet type and the risk of head injury and neck injury during motorcycle collisions in California

Pedestrian injury risk and the effect of age

Preliminary research developing a theory of cell phone distraction and social relationships

Re-visiting crash-speed relationships: a new perspective in crash modelling

Relationships between thrill seeking, speeding attitudes, and driving violations among a sample of motorsports spectators and drivers

Risk factors affecting fatal bus accident severity: their impact on different types of bus drivers

Safety impacts of platform tram stops on pedestrians in mixed traffic operation: a comparison group before-after crash study

The role of eye movements in the size-speed illusion of approaching trains

The Standardized Field Sobriety Tests (SFST) and measures of cognitive functioning

Trends in local newspaper reporting of London cyclist fatalities 1992-2012: the role of the media in shaping the systems dynamics of cycling

Validation of the Driver Behaviour Questionnaire in a representative sample of drivers in Australia