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Accident analysis and prevention

Journal Volume: 88
Journal Issue:
Journal Year: 2016
Articles in SafetyLit: 19

A Bayesian ridge regression analysis of congestion's impact on urban expressway safety

A field study on the effects of digital billboards on glance behavior during highway driving

Bayes classifiers for imbalanced traffic accidents datasets

Characteristics of adolescents who intervene to stop the risky and dangerous behavior of their friends

Comparison of methods for auto-coding causation of injury narratives

Comparison of the binary logistic and skewed logistic (Scobit) models of injury severity in motor vehicle collisions

Drinking and driving among Italian adolescents: trends over seven years (2007-2013)

Driving with pets and motor vehicle collision involvement among older drivers: A prospective population-based study

Effect of exposure to aggressive stimuli on aggressive driving behavior at pedestrian crossings at unmarked roadways

Evaluation of the general deterrence capacity of recently implemented (2009-2010) low and Zero BAC requirements for drivers in Ontario

Factors affecting stability and change in risky driving from late adolescence to the late twenties

How do drivers overtake cyclists?

How the choice of safety performance function affects the identification of important crash prediction variables

How would increasing seat belt use affect the number of killed or seriously injured light vehicle occupants?

Measurement of driver calibration and the impact of feedback on drivers' estimates of performance

Multi-level Bayesian safety analysis with unprocessed Automatic Vehicle Identification data for an urban expressway

Predicting crash risk and identifying crash precursors on Korean expressways using loop detector data

The odds of wrong-way crashes and resulting fatalities: a comprehensive analysis

Using mental mapping to unpack perceived cycling risk