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Accident analysis and prevention

Journal Volume: 92
Journal Issue:
Journal Year: 2016
Articles in SafetyLit: 26

Analysis 320 coal mine accidents using structural equation modeling with unsafe conditions of the rules and regulations as exogenous variables

Application of a random effects negative binomial model to examine tram-involved crash frequency on route sections in Melbourne, Australia

Association between increase in fixed penalties and road safety outcomes: a meta-analysis

Boosting safety behaviour: descriptive norms encourage child booster seat usage amongst low involvement parents

Brain injury tolerance limit based on computation of axonal strain

Differences in state drug testing and reporting by driver type in U.S. fatal traffic crashes

Differential impact of personality traits on distracted driving behaviors in teens and older adults

Driving experience moderates the effect of implicit versus explicit threat priming on hazard perception test

Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) examination characteristics of cannabis impairment

Economic development, mobility and traffic accidents in Algeria

Effects of valerian on subjective sedation, field sobriety testing and driving simulator performance

Evaluation of safety effectiveness of multiple cross sectional features on urban arterials

Integrated indicator to evaluate vehicle performance across: safety, fuel efficiency and green domains

Investigation of work zone crash casualty patterns using association rules

Is take-over time all that matters? The impact of visual-cognitive load on driver take-over quality after conditionally automated driving

Macroscopic hotspots identification: a Bayesian spatio-temporal interaction approach

Pedestrian- and driver-related factors associated with the risk of causing collisions involving pedestrians in Spain

Quantifying the safety effects of horizontal curves on two-way, two-lane rural roads

Relating traffic fatalities to GDP in Europe on the long term

The impact of personality on driving safety among Chinese high-speed railway drivers

The impact response of traditional and BMX-style bicycle helmets at different impact severities

The influence of speed, cyclists' age, pedaling frequency, and observer age on observers' time to arrival judgments of approaching bicycles and e-bikes

The influence of the elements of procedural justice and speed camera enforcement on young novice driver self-reported speeding

Towards an integrated approach of pedestrian behaviour and exposure

Why drivers use cell phones and support legislation to restrict this practice

Work-related fatal motor vehicle traffic crashes: matching of 2010 data from the Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries and the Fatality Analysis Reporting System