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Accident analysis and prevention

Journal Volume: 93
Journal Issue:
Journal Year: 2016
Articles in SafetyLit: 23

A case study of machinery maintenance protocols and procedures within the UK utilities sector

Alternative method of highway traffic safety analysis for developing countries using Delphi technique and Bayesian network

Assessing the stochastic variability of the benefit-cost ratio in roadway safety management

Changes over 12 months in eye glances during secondary task engagement among novice drivers

Critical factors and paths influencing construction workers' safety risk tolerances

Dynamic programming-based hot spot identification approach for pedestrian crashes

Effect of a community-based pedestrian injury prevention program on driver yielding behavior at marked crosswalks

Evaluating the safety risk of roadside features for rural two-lane roads using reliability analysis

Exploring the association between speed and safety: a path analysis approach

Investigating risky, distracting, and protective peer passenger effects in a dual process framework

Macro-level pedestrian and bicycle crash analysis: incorporating spatial spillover effects in dual state count models

Macroscopic modeling of pedestrian and bicycle crashes: a cross-comparison of estimation methods

Multi-mode reliability-based design of horizontal curves

Naturalistic field study of the restart break in US commercial motor vehicle drivers: truck driving, sleep, and fatigue

Quantifying the causal effects of 20mph zones on road casualties in London via doubly robust estimation

Risk factors in road crossing among elderly pedestrians and readiness to adopt safe behavior in socio-economic comparison

Safety evaluation of continuous green T intersections: a propensity scores-genetic matching-potential outcomes approach

Safety inspections in construction sites: a systems thinking perspective

Safety performance functions for crash severity on undivided rural roads

Sample-size guidelines for recalibrating crash prediction models: recommendations for the Highway Safety Manual

The economic burden of injury: health care and productivity costs of injuries in the Netherlands

The effects of brief visual interruption tasks on drivers' ability to resume their visual search for a pre-cued hazard

The multidimensional driving style inventory a decade later: review of the literature and re-evaluation of the scale