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Accident analysis and prevention

Journal Volume: 95
Journal Issue:
Journal Year: 2016
Articles in SafetyLit: 56

A cellular automaton simulation model for pedestrian and vehicle interaction behaviors at unsignalized mid-block crosswalks

A farewell to brake reaction times? Kinematics-dependent brake response in naturalistic rear-end emergencies

A method to account for and estimate underreporting in crash frequency research

A passenger reduces sleepy driver's activation in the right prefrontal cortex: a laboratory study using near-infrared spectroscopy

A simulation study of the effects of alcohol on driving performance in a Chinese population

Addressing the road trauma burden in China: exploring attitudes, behaviours, risk perceptions and cultural uniqueness

Alcohol-related driving in China: countermeasure implications of research conducted in two cities

An extension of the theory of planned behavior to predict pedestrians' violating crossing behavior using structural equation modeling

Analysis of safety factors for urban expressways considering the effect of congestion in Shanghai, China

Assessing Chinese coach drivers' fitness to drive: the development of a toolkit based on cognition measurements

Bootstrap resampling approach to disaggregate analysis of road crashes in Hong Kong

Chosen risk level during car-following in adverse weather conditions

Comparative analysis of driver's brake perception-reaction time at signalized intersections with and without countdown timer using parametric duration models

Cost and benefit estimates of partially-automated vehicle collision avoidance technologies

Crash risk analysis for Shanghai urban expressways: a Bayesian semi-parametric modeling approach

Development and validation of a generic finite element vehicle buck model for the analysis of driver rib fractures in real life nearside oblique frontal crashes

Development of safety performance functions for Spanish two-lane rural highways on flat terrain

Does assisted driving behavior lead to safety-critical encounters with unequipped vehicles' drivers?

Does family background impact driving attitudes and risky behaviours? An investigation on Chinese young drivers

Driver drowsiness detection based on non-intrusive metrics considering individual specifics

Effect of horizontal curves on urban arterial crashes

Effects of parallelogram-shaped pavement markings on vehicle speed and safety of pedestrian crosswalks on urban roads in China

Empirical investigation on safety constraints of merging pedestrian crowd through macroscopic and microscopic analysis

Estimation of social value of statistical life using willingness-to-pay method in Nanjing, China

Evaluating the safety impact of increased speed limits on rural highways in British Columbia

Exploring stop-go decision zones at rural high-speed intersections with flashing green signal and insufficient yellow time in China

Feature-specific ski injuries in snow parks

Hazard perception in emergency medical service responders

Hit-and-run crashes in urban river-crossing road tunnels

Impulsivity and risky decision making among taxi drivers in Hong Kong: an event-related potential study

Influential factors of red-light running at signalized intersection and prediction using a rare events logistic regression model

Investigating risk factors of traffic casualties at private highway-railroad grade crossings in the United States

Land use and traffic collisions: a link-attribute analysis using empirical Bayes method

Latent segmentation based count models: analysis of bicycle safety in Montreal and Toronto

Not all minds wander equally: the influence of traits, states and road environment factors on self-reported mind wandering during everyday driving

Observation of motorcycle helmet use rates in Michigan after partial repeal of the universal motorcycle helmet law

Prevalence and correlates of drink driving within patrons of Australian night-time entertainment precincts

Professional experience and traffic accidents/near-miss accidents among truck drivers

Program design for incentivizing ignition interlock installation for alcohol-impaired drivers: the Ontario approach

Red-light running rates at five intersections by road users in Changsha, China: An observational study

Risk in our midst: centrelines, perceived risk, and speed choice

Road crossing behavior under traffic light conflict: modulating effects of green light duration and signal congruency

Rural casualty crashes on the Kings Highway: a new approach for road safety studies

Safety evaluation of signalized intersections with left-turn waiting area in China

Safety reliability evaluation when vehicles turn right from urban major roads onto minor ones based on driver's visual perception

Size speed bias or size arrival effect: how judgments of vehicles' approach speed and time to arrival are influenced by the vehicles' size

Testing the effects of safety climate and disruptive children behavior on school bus drivers performance: a multilevel model

The effect of a road safety educational program for kindergarten children on their parents' behavior and knowledge

The effect of motion and signalling on drivers' ability to predict intentions of other road users

Time-to-contact estimation errors among older drivers with useful field of view impairments

Towards setting credible speed limits: identifying factors that affect driver compliance on urban roads

Traffic crash liability determination: Danger and Dodge model

Traffic safety in China: challenges and countermeasures

Validation of the Driver's Angry Thoughts Questionnaire (DATQ) in a Chinese sample

Vehicle impoundments improve drinking and driving licence suspension outcomes: large-scale evidence from Ontario

Work-family conflict and safety participation of high-speed railway drivers: job satisfaction as a mediator