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Accident analysis and prevention

Journal Volume: 97
Journal Issue:
Journal Year: 2016
Articles in SafetyLit: 32

A behavioral economic analysis of texting while driving: delay discounting processes

A multidimensional intergenerational model of young males' driving styles

A rear-end collision risk assessment model based on drivers' collision avoidance process under influences of cell phone use and gender: a driving simulator based study

A theoretical perspective on road safety communication campaigns

Adverse fetal outcome in road accidents: injury mechanism study and injury criteria development in a pregnant woman finite element model

An empirical analysis of risk-taking in car driving and other aspects of life

Analysis of injury severity of large truck crashes in work zones

Analysis of vehicle-bicycle interactions at unsignalized crossings: a probabilistic approach and application

Application of Human Factors Analysis and Classification System (HFACS) to UK rail safety of the line incidents

Association between intersection characteristics and perceived crash risk among school-aged children

Characteristics of bicycle crashes in an adolescent population in Flanders (Belgium)

Cooperative warning systems: the impact of false and unnecessary alarms on drivers' compliance

Does the probability of DWI arrest fall following participation in DWI and hybrid drug treatment court programs?

Driver injury severity outcome analysis in rural interstate highway crashes: a two-level Bayesian logistic regression interpretation

Driving under the influence of distraction: examining dissociations between risk perception and engagement in distracted driving

Effect of additional warning sounds on pedestrians' detection of electric vehicles: an ecological approach

Effectiveness of light-reflecting devices: a systematic reanalysis of animal-vehicle collision data

Evaluating the impact of bike network indicators on cyclist safety using macro-level collision prediction models

Finite mixture modeling approach for developing crash modification factors in highway safety analysis

Heterogeneous treatment effects of speed cameras on road safety

How do the definitions of urban and rural matter for transportation safety? Re-interpreting transportation fatalities as an outcome of regional development processes

Investigating the gender differences on bicycle-vehicle conflicts at urban intersections using an ordered logit methodology

Monitoring speed before and during a speed publicity campaign

Observational study of compliance with Queensland bicycle helmet laws

Reprint of "Media reporting of traffic legislation changes in British Columbia (2010)"

Reprint of "Persuasive appeals in road safety communication campaigns: theoretical frameworks and practical implications from the analysis of a decade of road safety campaign materials"

Road safety communication campaigns: theoretical foundations, validity, and empirical case studies

Road safety performance measures and AADT uncertainty from short-term counts

Rule extraction from an optimized neural network for traffic crash frequency modeling

Tailoring in risk communication by linking risk profiles and communication preferences: the case of speeding of young car drivers

The Step approach to Message Design and Testing (SatMDT): A conceptual framework to guide the development and evaluation of persuasive health messages

Understanding the role of sleep quality and sleep duration in commercial driving safety