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Accident analysis and prevention

Journal Volume: 98
Journal Issue:
Journal Year: 2016
Articles in SafetyLit: 36

A Bayesian procedure for evaluating the frequency of calibration factor updates in highway safety manual (HSM) applications

A driving simulator evaluation of potential speed reductions using two innovative designs for signalised urban intersections

A finite element model of a six-year-old child for simulating pedestrian accidents

A Monte-Carlo simulation analysis for evaluating the severity distribution functions (SDFs) calibration methodology and determining the minimum sample-size requirements

A multivariate-based conflict prediction model for a Brazilian freeway

A study of pedestrian compliance with traffic signals for exclusive and concurrent phasing

Alcohol and its contributory role in fatal drowning in Australian rivers, 2002-2012

Alcohol consumption patterns and attitudes toward drink-drive behaviours and road safety enforcement strategies

An investigation of the speeding-related crash designation through crash narrative reviews sampled via logistic regression

Applying an extended theory of planned behavior to predicting violations at automated railroad crossings

Characterization of the occult nature of injury for frequently occurring motor vehicle crash injuries

Classifying injury narratives of large administrative databases for surveillance: a practical approach combining machine learning ensembles and human review

Countdown timers, video surveillance and drivers' stop/go behavior: winter versus summer

Does haptic steering guidance instigate speeding? A driving simulator study into causes and remedies

Effects of secondary tasks on auditory detection and crossing thresholds in relation to approaching vehicle noises

Evaluation of the impacts of cooperative adaptive cruise control on reducing rear-end collision risks on freeways

Examining racial bias as a potential factor in pedestrian crashes

Freight-train derailment rates for railroad safety and risk analysis

Has the great recession and its aftermath reduced traffic fatalities?

In search of the severity dimension of traffic events: extended Delta-V as a traffic conflict indicator

Injury severity measures for predicting return-to-work after a traumatic brain injury

Innovative motor insurance schemes: a review of current practices and emerging challenges

Investigation of drivers' behavior towards speeds using crash data and self-reported questionnaire

Lowering thresholds for speed limit enforcement impairs peripheral object detection and increases driver subjective workload

Mechanisms behind distracted driving behavior: the role of age and executive function in the engagement of distracted driving

Method for selection of optimal road safety composite index with examples from DEA and TOPSIS method

Modelling the impact of causal and non-causal factors on disruption duration for Toronto's subway system: an exploratory investigation using hazard modelling

Pedestrian self-reported use of smart phones: positive attitudes and high exposure influence intentions to cross the road while distracted

Predicting expressway crash frequency using a random effect negative binomial model: a case study in China

Prediction of secondary crash frequency on highway networks

School environments and social risk factors for child pedestrian-motor vehicle collisions: a case-control study

Serious injury prediction algorithm based on large-scale data and under-triage control

Speed behaviour in work zone crossovers. A driving simulator study

Temporal patterns of moose-vehicle collisions with and without personal injuries

The effect of zonal factors in estimating crash risks by transportation modes: Motor vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian

Workplace road safety risk management: an investigation into Australian practices