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Accident analysis and prevention

Journal Volume: 99
Journal Issue:
Journal Year: 2017
Articles in SafetyLit: 46

A generalized nonlinear model-based mixed multinomial logit approach for crash data analysis

A novel Bayesian hierarchical model for road safety hotspot prediction

Age-related differences in fatal intersection crashes in the United States

Alcohol use in shiftworkers

An examination of the construct and predictive validity of the self-reported speeding behavior model

Are two halves better than one whole? A comparison of the amount and quality of sleep obtained by healthy adult males living on split and consolidated sleep-wake schedules

Assessing the safety effects of cooperative intelligent transport systems: a bowtie analysis approach

Child pedestrian safety knowledge, behaviour and road injury in Cape Town, South Africa

Comparing spatially static and dynamic vibrotactile take-over requests in the driver seat

Constructing a publically available distracted driving database and research tool

Controlling fatigue risk in safety-critical workplaces: a summary of selected papers from the 9th International Conference on Managing Fatigue in Transportation, Resources and Health

Cyclist deceleration rate as surrogate safety measure in Montreal using smartphone GPS data

Detecting lane departures from steering wheel signal

Drivers' detection of roadside targets when driving vehicles with three headlight systems during high beam activation

Effectiveness of forward collision warning and autonomous emergency braking systems in reducing front-to-rear crash rates

Evaluating the effects of supplemental rest areas on freeway crashes caused by drowsy driving

Fatigue proofing: the role of protective behaviours in mediating fatigue-related risk in a defence aviation environment

Foot placement during error and pedal applications in naturalistic driving

How do user experiences with different transport modes affect the risk of traffic accidents? From the viewpoint of licence possession status

How indicative is a self-reported driving behaviour profile of police registered traffic law offences?

Individual differences in cognitive functioning predict effectiveness of a heads-up lane departure warning for younger and older drivers

Measuring a conceptual model of the relationship between compulsive cell phone use, in-vehicle cell phone use, and motor vehicle crash

Methods to rank traffic rule violations resulting in crashes for allocation of funds

Multivariate poisson lognormal modeling of crashes by type and severity on rural two lane highways

Obstacles to engaging in young driver licensing: perspectives of parents

Opportunities and limitations for intersection collision intervention: a study of real world 'left turn across path' accidents

Predicting drowsy driving in real-time situations: using an advanced driving simulator, accelerated failure time model, and virtual location-based services

Prevalence and trends of drugged driving in Canada

Preventing distracted driving among college students: addressing smartphone use

Real-world evaluation of the effectiveness of reversing camera and parking sensor technologies in preventing backover pedestrian injuries

Road safety effects of roundabouts: a meta-analysis

Safety effects of the London cycle superhighways on cycle collisions

Sensitivity analyses of stopping distance for connected vehicles at active highway-rail grade crossings

Sleep and performance in simulated Navy watch schedules

Sleep inertia associated with a 10-min nap before the commute home following a night shift: a laboratory simulation study

Sleep-related crash characteristics: implications for applying a fatigue definition to crash reports

Sleep-related vehicle crashes on low speed roads

The dangers of rumination on the road: predictors of risky driving

The effect of road network patterns on pedestrian safety: a zone-based Bayesian spatial modeling approach

The efficacy of objective and subjective predictors of driving performance during sleep restriction and circadian misalignment

The role of personality traits and driving experience in self-reported risky driving behaviors and accident risk among Chinese drivers

Training the elderly in pedestrian safety: transfer effect between two virtual reality simulation devices

Truck crash severity in New York city: an investigation of the spatial and the time of day effects

Using interstimulus interval to maximise sensitivity of the Psychomotor Vigilance Test to fatigue

Work environment, overtime and sleep among offshore personnel

Young driver risky behaviour and predictors of crash risk in Australia, New Zealand and Colombia: same but different?