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Aggression and violent behavior

Journal Volume: 19
Journal Issue: 5
Journal Year: 2014
Articles in SafetyLit: 15

A psychological and developmental profile of sexual murderers: a systematic review

A review of the literature relating to rape victim blaming: an analysis of the impact of observer and victim characteristics on attribution of blame in rape cases

An exploration of the current knowledge on young people who kill: a systematic review

Examining risk of escalation: A critical review of the exhibitionistic behavior literature

From child pornography offending to child sexual abuse: a review of child pornography offender characteristics and risks for cross-over

Intimate partner violence in prisoners: towards effective assessment and intervention

Prevalence of sexual aggression among young people in Europe: a review of the evidence from 27 EU countries

Relationship between emotional intelligence and aggression: a systematic review

The absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence: The abusive personality as a disordered mental state

The aftermath of workplace violence among healthcare workers: a systematic literature review of the consequences

The controversy of defining serial murder: revisited

The effectiveness of school-based bullying prevention programs: A systematic review

The role of the school in handling the problem of bullying

Verbal violence in the workplace according to victims' sex--a systematic review of the literature

Violence prevention in inpatient psychiatric settings: Systematic review of studies about the perceptions of care staff and patients