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Aggression and violent behavior

Journal Volume: 25
Journal Issue:
Journal Year: 2015
Articles in SafetyLit: 40

'I believed I could, so I did'--a theoretical approach on self-efficacy beliefs to positively influence men with a risk to sexually abuse children

A framework for the prevention and mitigation of injury from family violence in children of parents with mental illness and substance use problems

A review of Children's Advocacy Centers' (CACs) response to cases of child maltreatment in the United States

A systematic literature review of "rape victims" versus "rape survivors": implications for theory, research, and practice

A systematic review and meta-analysis on the effectiveness of CBT informed anger management

A systematic review of exposure to physical violence across occupational domains according to victims' sex

A systematic review on the effect of political imprisonment on mental health

A unified crime theory: the evolutionary taxonomy

Adolescent cyberbullying: a review of characteristics, prevention and intervention strategies

Are violent video game-aggression researchers biased?

Association between peer victimization in adolescence and cannabis use: a systematic review

Back to swear one: a review of English language literature on swearing and cursing in Western health settings

Behavioral response to threat (BRTT) as a key behavior for sexual assault risk reduction intervention: a critical review

Broadening campus threat assessment beyond mass shootings

Categorical denial in convicted sex offenders: the concept, its meaning, and its implication for risk and treatment

Causes and cures I: toward a new definition

Causes and cures II: the biology of violence

Causes and cures III: the psychology of violence

Cyber and school bullying: same or different phenomena?

Examining the role of faith community groups with sexual offenders: a systematic review

Is the Risk Matrix 2000 applicable to intellectually disabled sex offenders?

Long-term predictors of crime desistance in juvenile delinquents: a systematic review of longitudinal studies

Measures for incident reporting of patient violence and aggression towards healthcare providers: a systematic review

Multiple perpetrator rape: a critical review of existing explanatory theories

Peer victimization in survivors of premature birth and low birth weight: review and recommendations

Physical elder abuse perpetrated by relatives with serious mental illness: a preliminary conceptual social-ecological model

Psychological growth in relation to intimate partner violence: a review

Seeing enemies? A systematic review of anger bias in the perception of facial expressions among anger-prone and aggressive populations

Sexualized war violence: knowledge construction and knowledge gaps

Should we reconsider anger management when addressing physical intimate partner violence perpetration by alcohol abusing males? A systematic review

Structural brain abnormalities in aggression and violent behavior

The assumption of rational choice theory in Alfred Adler's theory of crime: unraveling and reconciling the contradiction in Adlerian theory through synthesis and critique

The effectiveness of mental health interventions for adult female survivors of sexual assault: a systematic review

The implementation of Circles of Support and Accountability in the United States

The mind of the male batterer: a neuroscience perspective

The reappearing psychopath: psychopathy's stain on future generations

The role of risky decision-making in aggression: a systematic review

Traumatic brain injury and violent behavior in females: a systematic review

Video game play and intergroup relations: real world implications for prejudice and discrimination

What makes youth run or stay? A review of the literature on absconding