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Aggression and violent behavior

Journal Volume: 31
Journal Issue:
Journal Year: 2016
Articles in SafetyLit: 22

A conceptual model of ego depletion and alcohol-related aggression

A literature review of intimate partner violence and its classifications

A meta-analysis of cross cultural risk markers for intimate partner violence

A treatise on secondary psychopathy: psychobiological pathways to severe antisociality

Alcohol and sexual assault victimization: research findings and future directions

Case report: matricide by a 17-year old boy with Asperger's syndrome

Causes and cures X: criminal justice approaches

Causes and cures XI: international law approaches

Culturally specific interventions for female survivors of gender-based violence

Estimating the rate of domestic violence perpetrated by law enforcement officers: a review of methods and estimates

Juvenile delinquency in Chinese adolescents: an ecological review of the literature

Making 'what works' work: a meta-analytic study of the effect of treatment integrity on outcomes of evidence-based interventions for juveniles with antisocial behavior

Mass violence in individuals with autism spectrum disorder and narcissistic personality disorder: a case analysis of Anders Breivik using the "path to intended and terroristic violence" model

Risk factors that influence the maltreatment-offending association: a systematic review of prospective and longitudinal studies

Sexual homicide offenders distinguished from non-homicidal sexual offenders: a review of the literature

The modus operandi of serial and nonserial sexual murderers: a systematic review

The path to economic independence among survivors of intimate partner violence: a critical review of the literature and courses for action

The relationship of self-esteem to bullying perpetration and peer victimization among schoolchildren and adolescents: a meta-analytic review

The role of gender, sexuality and context upon help-seeking for intimate partner violence: a synthesis of data across five studies

Towards a career view of police misconduct

Understanding the origins and the development of rape and sexual aggression against women: four generations of research and theorizing

Women's employment and domestic violence: a review of the literature