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Aggression and violent behavior

Journal Volume: 34
Journal Issue:
Journal Year: 2017
Articles in SafetyLit: 31

A framework for understanding sexual violence: incentive-motivation and hierarchical control

A note on workplace psychopathic bullying - measuring its frequency and severity

A systematic review of coping among heterosexual female IPV survivors in the United States with a focus on the conceptualization and measurement of coping

Adult protective services and victim services: a review of the literature to increase understanding between these two fields

Alcohol abuse, personality disorders, and aggression: the quest for a common underlying mechanism

Attitudes towards sexual offenders: what do we know, and why are they important?

Compulsive criminal homicide: a new nosology for serial murder

Cyber violence: what do we know and where do we go from here?

Differences between biological and sociolegal incest offenders: a meta-analysis

Does the pursuit of meaning explain the initiation, escalation, and disengagement of violent extremists?

Domestic violence offending behaviors: a review of the literature examining childhood exposure, implicit theories, trait aggression and anger rumination as predictive factors

Emotion dysregulation as an underlying mechanism of impulsive aggression: reviewing empirical data to inform treatments for veterans who perpetrate violence

Evaluation of seclusion and restraint reduction programs in mental health: a systematic review

From "real rape" to real justice: a systematic review of police officers' rape myth beliefs

Gun violence and substance abuse

Impact of child sexual abuse on non-abused siblings: a review with implications for research and practice

Instruments for evaluating pharmacotherapy intervention efficacy in violent and aggressive behavior and conduct disorder in youth

Monsters, madmen… and myths: a critical review of the serial killing literature

Pets in danger: exploring the link between domestic violence and animal abuse

Police perceptions of rape victims and the impact on case decision making: a systematic review

Rape myth acceptance in convicted rapists: a systematic review of the literature

Reducing aggression with martial arts: a meta-analysis of child and youth studies

Sexual offenders, violent offenders, and community reentry: challenges and treatment considerations

Sexual victimization perpetrated by women: federal data reveal surprising prevalence

Situational prevention of domestic violence: a review of security-based programs

Studying partner violence to understand gender motivations - or vice-versa?

The pursuit of homeostasis: closing the gap between science and practice in the treatment of aggression and violence

The unique needs of pregnant, violence-exposed women: a systematic review of current interventions and directions for translational research

Trauma responses to intimate partner violence: a review of current knowledge

Unveiling the shadows of meaning: meaning-making for perpetrators of homicide

Youth exposure to violence in the community: towards a theoretical framework for explaining risk and protective factors