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Aggression and violent behavior

Journal Volume: 46
Journal Issue:
Journal Year: 2019
Articles in SafetyLit: 25

A meta-analysis of the association between psychopathy and sadism in forensic samples

A review of UK based multi-agency approaches to early intervention in domestic abuse: lessons to be learnt from existing evaluation studies

A systematic literature review of early posttraumatic interventions for victims of violent crime

Assault-related sharp force injury among adults in Scotland 2001-2013: incidence, socio-demographic determinants and relationship to violence reduction measures

Capturing violence in the night-time economy: a review of established and emerging methodologies

Direct verbal aggression in school settings: a review of the literature

Examining ACTV: an argument for implementing neuroscience-based and trauma- informed treatment models in offender treatment programs

Exploring intimate partner violence from the perspective of African men: a meta-synthesis

Government political structure and gender differences in violent death: a longitudinal analysis of forty-three countries, 1960-2008

Homicide and Indigenous peoples in North America: a structural analysis

Hostile attribution bias and aggression in adults - a systematic review

Immediate responses by service providers after a violent critical incident: a systematic review

Measuring relational aggression in children and adolescents: a systematic review of the available instruments

Mental health, empowerment, and violence against young women in lower-income countries: a review of reviews

Self-control, differential association and the drug-crime link in Uruguay in the context of the legalization of Marijuana

The application and adoption of four 'third wave' psychotherapies for mental health difficulties and aggression within correctional and forensic settings: a systematic review

The intersection of intimate partner violence and poverty in Black communities

The intersection of violence, brain networks, and mindfulness practices

The lack of social belonging: reflections on violence against children in Mozambique

The relationship between animal cruelty in children and adolescent and interpersonal violence: a systematic review

The use of pornography and the relationship between pornography exposure and sexual offending in males: a systematic review

To destroy a people: sexual violence as a form of genocide in the conflicts of Bosnia, Rwanda, and Chile

Violence and health: merging criminal justice, law, mental health, and public health - Part A: Neuroscience, epidemiology, and revisionist discourse

What role can cognitive neuroscience play in violence prevention?

Why we should universalize the insanity defense and replace punishment with therapy and education