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Aggressive behavior

Journal Volume: 10
Journal Issue: 2
Journal Year: 1984
Articles in SafetyLit: 40

A behavioral-genetic approach to variation in attack latency, serum testosterone level, and other agonistic parameters

A cognitive-attributional analysis of aggression in children and adults

A multidimensional approach to the evaluation of human aggression

Aggression, altruism and biological bookkeeping

Aggressive reactions to the abuse of power by individuals and groups

Aggressive-behavior in relation to its underlying propensities and as negotiation

Bullying among school children in Scandinavia

Clinical aggressology: neuropathology and (violent) aggression

Cognitive processes and the persistence of aggressive behavior

Competition and social interaction: an experimental-model of dyadic social interaction

Consequences of aversive and non-aversive child behavior

Desensitization to film violence in aggressive and nonaggressive boys

Effects of high acoustic stimulation in the Buss aggression machine paradigm

Ethological observations of aggressive and cohesive behaviors during class hours

Female aggression and resource scarcity: a cross-cultural perspective

Functional relationships between sexual and aggressive behavior

Has the time come for aggression researchers to participate more in the public discussions about alternatives for war and terrorism as solutions for human group conflicts?

Human aggression: a specific interaction between actor and recipient

Inhibition of aggressive behavior and susceptibility to experimental hypertension

Interaction between teacher and pupils as influenced by the teachers aggression relevant subjective theories

Investigations on the mechanism of action of a specific anti-aggressive drug (fluprazine)

Long-term monitoring of anti-aggressive drugs

Methodological and statistical problems in determining the causal relationship between alcohol and violence

Moral approval of various forms of interpersonal aggression: a Polish-Finnish comparative study

Normative considerations in the study of human aggression: the labeling of harmful behavior as aggressive

Offspring effects upon agonistic parental behavior

Parental attributions of children's aggressive behavior

Patterns of aggression in youth subcultures

Patterns of sympathetic arousal related to different agonistic contexts

Psychological research on the well-being of victims of hostage taking

Psychopharmacological aggression research

Relative contributions of aggression and reproduction to behavioral endocrinology

Sex differences in sexual behavior and aggression

Sex, age and social competence as factors influencing aggression in 3-6-year-olds

The catharsis hypothesis, aggressive drive, and the reduction of aggression

The possible role of testosterone in the development of aggressive behavior

The role of anger in essential hypertension

Victims of aggression: an animal model of depression

Violence between police and protesters

Violence in states of withdrawal from alcohol