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Aggressive behavior

Journal Volume: 13
Journal Issue: 5
Journal Year: 1987
Articles in SafetyLit: 34

A psychosocial profile of batterers ordered to treatment by the court

A second look at the correlation between pornography consumption and sexual aggression

Aggression and related behaviors in children coming from disrupted families

Aggressive withdrawn behavior of children in first-grade and social maladjustment at adolescence

An explanation of individual-differences in children's rate of developing new antisocial and delinquent behaviors

An international study of student attitudes about nuclear war

Arousal of angry feelings in different situations and cultures

Attributional antecedents of anger in children

Causes for criminal behavior in adolescence

Clinical-pharmacology of human aggressive behavior

Desensitization to media violence against women: theory and findings

Effects of alcohol on aggression

Effects of housing and muricidal behavior on serotonergic receptors and interactions with novel anxiolytic drugs

Ethopharmacological and neuropharmacological analyses of aggressive behavior

Factors mediating the alcohol-aggression relationship

Frustration, aggression and drugs

Individual aggression, national attachment, and the search for peace: psychological perspectives

Infant and maternal movement patterns and the ontogeny of aggression

Level of provocation and sex of target moderate gender differences in aggression

Losing control and life disadvantage: a life-course analysis of explosive children

Magnesium alteration of aggressive behavior and catecholamine drug potency

Management of aggression with steroid antagonists

MMPI profile differences for batterers court-ordered to treatment versus batterers voluntarily entering treatment

Motiveless homicide evoked by specific stimulus: imbalance between and within frontal-lobe and limbic systems

Offensive and defensive aggression in a longitudinal perspective

Possession of firearms, psychiatric hospitalization and violent criminal behavior

Rape motivation as a function of sexual tension

Serotonin and agonistic behavior: an ethopharmacological approach

Sexual and aggressive motives in rape: stranger versus acquaintance rape

Social skills training in the Cleveland public schools

Sugar, biochemical measures and aggression in children

The effects of ethanol on social and aggressive behaviors in seminatural situations

The normative bases of human aggressions

The social motivation of western terrorists