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Aggressive behavior

Journal Volume: 14
Journal Issue: 2
Journal Year: 1988
Articles in SafetyLit: 34

Adolescent boys' self-reports of their feelings and attitudes

Aggressive boys interactions with adults: a cross-setting of behavior stability

Aggressive boys social cognitive skills and types of adult-child interactions

Aggressive pornography and aggressive-behavior

Agonistic versus amicable targets of attack and defense: consequences for the origin, function, and descriptive classification of play-fighting

Behavioral and mood effects of one week's testosterone and placebo intake in human males

Depressive symptomatology and schemas: relationship with anger, aggression and assertiveness

Does play fighting have a function

Ethanol and aggression

Ethanol effects on fear and aggression

Ethopharmacology of flight behavior

Exposure to pornography and sexual victimization: an examination of women's experiences

Extrapunitive aggression in a representative sample of subjects who died by suicide or accident

Family management variables and antisocial behavior in boys: a longitudinal perspective

Fighting and play-fighting among Zapotec Indian children

Human aggressive and assertive-behavior changes during the menstrual cycle

Human infanticide in evolutionary perspective

Incidence and prevalence of sexual aggression and victimization in a national sample of students in higher education

Moral norms concerning aggression, aggressive feelings, and sex roles in officers trainees, conscientious objectors of military service, and women

Parent-offspring conflict and homicide in evolutionary perspective

Parental variables and the development of aggression among children (some specificity related to socio-cultural environment)

Psychopharmacology of aggression in humans: laboratory studies

Punitive childhood experiences and adult parenting behavior: clinical and analog tests of transgenerational coercion

Sexual violence in the media: a theoretical-model and research findings

Spousal violence: the impact of marital dispute resolution processes

Structural models relating childrens popularity and aggression to adult achievement

Temporal patterns in aggression research: escalation, dissipation and maintenance

The problem of structural equivalence in television violence research

The relationship between social play and aggression

The role of self-blame in fostering or inhibiting long-term recovery from rape

Twenty-four generations of bloodshed on Bellona Island (Solomon Islands)

Verbal aggression as an agonistic ritual

What is aggressive? Some contextual factors in judging international behavior

Wife-batterers attitudes toward sex roles and perceptions of self