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Aggressive behavior

Journal Volume: 15
Journal Issue: 1
Journal Year: 1989
Articles in SafetyLit: 82

A sociobiological approach to cross-national variations in violence rates

Aggression and symbolization in infancy

Aggression replacement training: Rational, procedures and efficacy evaluations

Aggressive arousal within individuals as a mediator of aggression escalation between individuals: sociobiology, psychology and physiology

Alcohol and human male physical aggression

Androgens, aggressiveness, and stress in the human male

Anger and interest in video violence

Antecedent events as contributors to the escalation of aggression

Attempts to elucidate neurochemical substrates of amygdalar mechanisms of aggressive and predatory behavior

Attitudes towards nuclear energy, nuclear war, and how they are related to moral values, the use of violence, and future expectations

Behavioral and neurochemical effects of thymopentin: an immunoprotein fragment

Child abuse in cross-cultural perspective: a comparison of North American and Israeli research

Children in fighter relations

Commonalities and differences between preclinical and clinical psychopharmacology aggression research

Constitutive elements of the concept of human aggression

Current treatments in impulse control -- pitfalls and problems

Dating violence in the UK: a preliminary study

Dependency, conflict and aggression

Desensitization to mass media sexual violence -- effects and interventions

Detection and description of assaults in psychiatric inpatients

Determinants of spouse abuse: an israeli perspective

Early aggressive reactions: observational research

Effects of combat and oral glucose administration on mood changes in judo fighters

Effects of viewing videos containing elements of destruction or violence

Eltoprazine - a specific anti-aggressive drug (serenic) in animal aggression models

Emotional susceptibility and self-discrepancies as predictors of aggressive reactions

Ethological aspects of agonistic behavior

Ethopharmacological evaluation of different extracts from medicinal plants

Evidence for a general construct of aggression

Experimental and clinical studies of anti-aggressive drugs

Factors controlling predatory aggression in animals

Family background and antisocial behavior in adolescence

Frustration and successful vs unsuccessful aggression: a test of Berkowitz completion hypothesis

Frustration-aggression hypothesis as concept of naive psychology

Functions of amygdala and hypothalamus in the organization of agonistic interactions

Gene technology -- between aggression and altruism

Girls manipulate, boys fight: gender differences in aggressiveness during adolescence

Girls may also be naughty

Hormonal changes in response to competitive fighting in human males

Hostility towards women: a comparison of domestically violent, maritally conflicted, and maritally satisfied men

How safe is home? an analysis of homicide statistics in England and Wales 1982-1986

Individual aggression, international aggression, and the building of trust

Is suicidal behavior autoaggressive?

Juvenile playfighting deprivation enhances adult defensive aggression. Is there a dopamine receptor connection?

Measurement of reciprocity and unidirectionality in social behavior illustrated with examples from chimpanzee research

Measuring precursors of aggression

Media violence -- whats the attraction?

Modeling and accountability in group aggression

Neurosteroids: biochemical, physiological and behavioral aspects

Peaceful societies

Police intervention in marital violence

Police response to spousal violence in Israel -- some preliminary findings

Potent inhibition of non-opioid defeat analgesia by clonazepam and ligands selective for non-neuronal benzodiazepine binding sites

Predictive significance of childhood aggression for type-A behavior in adolescence

Preliminary meta-analytic review of the EEG in criminals

Prognostic identification of violent mother-child relationships

R/K -- towards a theory of human racial differences in agression control

Recent strategies and basic results of etho-pharmacological aggression research in the USSR

Social roles and aspirations of bullies and victims

Social skills intervention and the aggressive child -- an impossible dream

Socialization and motivation of aggression: conceptual considerations and empirical findings

Some factors affecting the escalation of human aggression

Some possible biological markers in aggressive psychopaths

Sports violence

Studies on genetic influences on aggression

Tamoxifen: an activator or inhibitor of intermale aggression

Targets and decision points in the comparative-analysis of the tactics of fighting

Terrorism and the international community

The aggression approval in bullies and victims

The application of the frustration aggression hypothesis to various levels of violent behavior

The development of estrogenic regulatory systems for aggression: implications for intervention strategies

The effects of depressants and stimulants on human aggressive behavior

The paradoxes of male aggression

The positive role of anger in consciousness development

The predictive power of pro-social behavior for disruptive kindergarten boys

The relationship between pornography and the physical (nonsexual) abuse of women

The role of mother-child identification in the television violence viewing aggression relation

The role of parental behavior in the development of aggression in children

Violent crime and its relation to subjective social stress indicators: the case of Israel

Violent fantasies: an obstacle to the treatment of aggressive children in therapeutic communities

Wife assault, marital rape, and homicide in Canada and Australia

Women batterers attitudes toward sex roles and perceptions of selves and others: pre-treatment and post-treatment comparison