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Aggressive behavior

Journal Volume: 19
Journal Issue: 1
Journal Year: 1993
Articles in SafetyLit: 76

A conceptualization of hostility, anger and aggression as means of regulating social influence and their relationship to disease proneness

A laboratory study of the acute effects of eltoprazine on human aggressive responding

A multi-component, multi-context program to prevent the development of aggressive behavior in high-risk elementary school children

Aggression in children with malignant disease

Aggression in the context of family interaction

Aggression, defense and coping factors in humans

Aggressive behavior and gender differences

Aggressive behavior in institutionalized mentally-retarded individuals

Ahimsa (nonviolence) -- An alternative cultural perspective on human conflict

Androgens, negative mood and anger in women

Anger and aggression: Self-defense as an intensity indicator of anger

Anger manifestations in an experimental paradigm -- Studies in women

Antecedents of parental monitoring and supervision of their children's social-behavior

Attempts to relate impact of neonatal exposure to benzodiazepines to effects on biomembrane fluidity

Automatic and controlled attributions of hostility

Blood glucose and aggression

Brain neurotransmitters in aggression and defense: the case of dopamine and GABA

Brutality of aggression in television programs

Bully victim problems among schoolchildren: Basic facts and an effective intervention program

Bullying as a group-process

Calcium-channel blockers modulate behavioral effects of benzodiazepines

Cooperation versus anxiety and aggression as an outcome of quality of attachment representation

Crowds, riots and the police: An observational study of collective violence

Drugs, genes, and aggression: Dopamine as a genotype-dependent mediator

Effects of ritanserin on agonistic aggression and defense

Enemy representation in the media

Ethological and psychodynamic mechanisms of defense

Female enemies

Friends and foes: Evolutionary predispositions and cultural elaboration

Harassment at work: Aggression in everyday life

How many forms of aggression in humans?

Human aggressive and escape responding following intranasal cocaine administration

In the heat of passion and in cold blood: a thermostatic model for differentiating between violence and aggression

Information processing and self schemas in hostile biases: the role of beliefs about a violent world

Inter-ethnic violence

Longitudinal prediction of males antisocial-behavior against women - integrating theory and research

Macrolevel consequences of a microlevel theory of aggression contagion

Measuring empathy: The Feshbach and Roe revised and adapted for Italian children

Mitigating the effects of mass media sexual violence

Mothers' socialization strategies as parallels of children's aggression and social success in school

Parents' aggressiveness, parent-child emotional distance and management practices as predictors of children's aggressiveness

Patterns of individual and familial antisocial behavior among United States inner-city male adolescents

Personalities in the crowd

Provocation as a function of assimilation and contrast

Psychological games -- From conflict to collaboration

Qualitative differences in aggressiveness between Finnish girls and boys

Recognition, scenarios, strategies, and psychopathological aggression

Report of the APA Commission on Violence and Youth

Restructuring the social environment: Effects of a school based intervention program against bully victim problems

Self-reported aggressiveness of foreign adopted and refugee children in Finland

Sex dependent vulnerability to stress: Effects on agonistic and nonsocial behavior

Sex differences in indirect aggression during late adolescence

Sex differences in interpersonal and intergroup aggression

Sex differences in the effect of empathy on verbal aggression

Sex hormone action on brain mechanisms of aggression

Sexual differences in the perception of territorial invasion threat in humans

Sexual jealousy: Gender differences in response to partner and rival

Social and political determinants of the image of the enemy

Social structure of the peer groups and indirect aggression among girls

Stress as a determinant of spouse abuse: hormonal indications

Styles of aggression and sex differences: A developmental theory

The archetypal enemy

The impact of parent training and social skills training on boys aggressive behavior

The Jungian approach to war

The portrayal of violence, conflict, and suffering on television news broadcasts

The psychoanalytical theory of aggression -- instinct to intersubjective approach

The psychological pathways of aggressiveness, empathy and prosocial behavior in children: a comparison between two social and economical populations

The psychopathology of human aggression

The role of empathy in the cycle of interpersonal aggression: Children as victims and perpetrators

The seasonality of violent crime: the case of robbery and homicide in Israel

The seductive Palio of Siena

The serial killer: A psychological report

The value of ethology and pharmacology for research on aggression

Those were the days...abuse and neglect during childhood and its consequences

Threat of nuclear war increases anxiety and psychosomatic symptoms among adolescents

Women's aggression in heterosexual conflicts