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Aggressive behavior

Journal Volume: 25
Journal Issue: 1
Journal Year: 1999
Articles in SafetyLit: 90

A prospective, event-based analysis of sexual aggression associated with bars

A victimization survey of female-perpetrated assaults in the United Kingdom

A violent clashing of ideas: freedom vs. causality

Aggressive girls at school

Alcohol use in reports of sexual assault during adolescence and the collegiate years

Alcohol's relationship to recognizing and resisting sexual aggression

Alcohol, executive function, and aggression in women

Anger and distress in the temper tantrums of young children

Animal abuse: An evolutionary perspective

Bad bars, big nights, bad boys, and booze: Aggression in bars frequented by young adults

Bizarre homicides linked to kindled partial seizures through intermittent, moderate stresses, proposed as new syndrome: "limbic psychotic trigger reaction" (LPTR)

Bullying and coping-behaviour among schoolchildren

Can one generalize the results of laboratory aggression studies to the "real world"?

Changes in brain serotonergic activity in anxious losers

Childhood masculine or feminine role behavior and aggressiveness in adult males

Chronic anabolic steroid exposure during adolescence stimulates vasopressin-dependent aggression in hamsters

Chronic cocaine exposure during adolescence increases aggressive responding in young adulthood

Chronic cocaine treatment during adolescence stimulates offensive aggression in golden hamsters

Components of trait anger: Affect, behavior, and cognition

Concommitants of physical, verbal, and indirect aggression

Crime and psychiatry: Historical principals and diagnostic principles

Crime, freedom, and genetic determination

Cross-sectional and longitudinal connections between exposure to TV-viewing and aggressive behavior

Cultural and sex differences in aggression: A comparison between Japanese and Spanish students

Delayed increase in mouse attack behavior following fluoxetine

Demographic characteristics and comparisons of U.S. female incarcerated infanticides, filicides, and homicides

Developing brain models of human aggression using computer simulations

Displaced aggression: A meta-analytic review

Does exposure to aggressive behavior during pregnancy change social behavior of adult offspring?

Early lead exposure alters social communication and aggression

Effect of aversive stimulation on processing of compatible versus incompatible information about self

Effects of mental retardation and depression diagnoses on ratings of aggressive, self-aggressive, and antisocial behavior

Effects of monoamino oxidase inhibition during brain development upon aggressive behavior in mice (Preliminary report)

Evolutionary bias, democratic regimes, and war 1816-1995

Executive cognitive functioning mediates the relation between language competence and antisocial behavior in conduct disordered adolescent females

Executive cognitive functioning, temperament, and antisocial behavior in conduct disordered adolescent females

Experimental approach to the study on learned aggression

Experimental investigation of the serotonin hypothesis of aggressive behavior

Facilitating effects of corticosterone on brain mechanics involved in violent behavior: Single and repeated treatments

From hostility to assertiveness, aggressiveness, and authoritarianism: 50 years of cultural change

Further evaluation of loss of status as an animal model of depression

Gender, guns, and perceptions of danger

Genetic linkage of alcoholism and antisocial alcoholism

Growth of aggressive fundamentalism among adolescents

Indirect aggression amongst south Australian teenage girls

Involvement of brain D1 and D2 dopamine receptors in development of depression-like state resulting from repeated social confrontations in male mice

Links among alcohol, misperception, and sexual assault: Evidence from laboratory and field research

Locus of control and three types of aggression

Long-lasting adaptations in opioidergic and aminergic neurons after brief social defeat

Media interventions for preventing violence

Moral beliefs supporting aggression as related to verbal and physical types of proactive and reactive aggressive behavior among adolescents

Moral poverty or imperiled self: Urban violence and the experience of betrayal

Parental influence on the aggressive behavior of Chinese children

Philosophy of crime behavior genetics

Physical, verbal, and indirect aggression among Hindu, Moslem, and Sikh adolescents in India

Political attitudes of kibbutz- and city-raised young Israeli adults: The effects of exposure to TV violence in childhood and socialization on adult behaviors and attitudes

Serotonin and aggression in children

Sex differences in beliefs about aggression: Opponent's sex and the form of aggression

Social and personal determinants of workplace aggression: The role of perceived injustice and the Type A behavior pattern

Staying alive: Evolution, culture and women's intra-sexual aggression

Styles of bullying amongst female incarcerated offenders

Symposium: Genetics, 5-HT, and aggression

Symposium: Is it aggression? Dimensions and definitions of human aggression

Symposium: The Effects of Childhood Aggression and Exposure to Media Violence on Adult Behaviors, Attitudes, and Mood: Evidence from a 15 Year Cross-National Longitudinal Study

Symposium: Victims of aggression: Psychological and biological consequences

Tantrums, temperament, and temporal lobes

Television news violence: Effects on viewers

Television violence viewing and aggression in childhood vs. psychosocial functioning in young adults

Testing a typology of batterers

Testosterone-serotonin interactions in aggression

The association between child maltreatment and disabilities in a population-based study

The attractions of violent entertainment

The effect of alcohol expectancy on aggression: A meta-analysis

The EQUIP program: Teaching youth to think and act responsibly through a peer-helping approach

The importance of social housing in social defeat induced changes in behavior and HPA regulation

The moderating effect of trivial triggering provocation on displaced aggression

The national television violence monitoring study

The physical aggression of women and men to their partners: A quantitative synthesis

The prediction of young adult aggression in the 1990s from childhood exposure to media violence in the 1970s: Gender differences and moderating factors for USA youth

The punitive childhood experiences of young adults with craniofacial anomalies

The relationship between retrospective reports of childhood victimization and adult aggressive, self-aggressive, and antisocial behavior

Therapeutic alliance: Predictor of treatment dropout and success in a group treatment program for husband to wife violent men

Threatened egotism, narcissism, self-esteem, and directed and displaced aggression: Does self-love or self-hate lead to violence?

Vasopressin/serotonin model of inappropriate aggression following adolescent abuse

Violence in Egypt and Algeria: A comparative historical and sociological analysis

Violence, ritual, and aesthetics: Symbolic experience

What is indirect aggression? Discriminating between direct and indirect aggression

When cooler heads prevail: Peacemakers in a sports riot

Why sex and violence? Emotional education and mass media

Women and crime: A feminist evolutionary approach