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Aggressive behavior

Journal Volume: 27
Journal Issue: 3
Journal Year: 2001
Articles in SafetyLit: 162

"Burnout" syndrome in gender violence professionals

"Ladettes" and social representations of aggression

"Somebody's gonna get their head kicked in tonight!" Aggression among young males in bars -- A question of values?

A computer-based data log for describing samples of maltreated children

A cross-cultural perspective on sex differences in aggression between heterosexual partners

A dynamic adrenocortical stress system is crucial for the expression of hypothalamic aggression

A longitudinal perspective on women's risk perception

A longitudinal study of young offender conduct and experiences in prison

A male's likelihood of sexual aggression: A person-situation model of acquaintance rape

A review of research literature in bullying among prisoners: Experiences and lessons to learn

A review of the principal theoretical models used to explain aggressive behavior today and road safety applications

A social psychological perspective of hate crime as a distinct form of aggression

Aggression and controlling behaviors in heterosexual relationships

Aggression and social equilibrium in a group of Kalmyk primary school children

Aggression and violence among drivers on the road today

Aggression between species

Aggression in British heterosexual relationships: Further inferences

Aggression in the school context: Perceptions and associated attitudes

Aggression, stress, and psychostimulants

Alterations in the hypothalmus pituitary adrenal axis and serotonergic system in impulsive and aggressive female borderline personality disorder patients

An experimental investigation of the perceptual characteristics of dispositionally aggressive individuals: Street robbers' judgments of Point Light Displays

An experimental program for the complete assessment of childhood maltreatment: A descriptive analysis of family interactions

Analysis of the difficulties in therapeutic approach to sexual aggressors of under 18 years of age

Anger printing in 14-month-old children

Anger, hostility, and aggression among Japanese, Iranian, and Spanish students: A cross-cultural comparison

Approval of aggressive acts: A comparison between Iranian and Spanish students

Are human rights the same for citizens of weak and strong nations?

Associations among riskier lifestyle, aggression, and public drinking: Findings from a general population of adults in the USA

Asynchronous mother-child interactions in early childhood: The impact of maternal insensitivity on the child's socioemotional development

Attitudes toward offenders: Theory and scale development

Behavioral and physiological consequences of chronic subordination stress

Bullying at school: A pilot study using semi-structured interviews

Bullying in Spanish secondary schools

Changes in school playground and aggressive behavior reduction

Characteristics of aggression among young adults in bars

Chechen refugees: Aggression-victimization cycle

Children's and adolescents' representations of peer bullying through SCAN-bullying

Computerized interaction simulation in the assessment of aggression-related response style and dispositions

Consequences of war: Posttraumatic stress disorder

Couples in conflict: constructive vs. destructive responses to everyday anger

Culture, identity, and international cooperation

Dangerous body language: Alcohol's effect on women's perception of men during social interactions in bars

Dealing with the aftermath of political violence in South Africa: Evaluating the impact of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission

Dealing with workplace-induced posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Dehumanization of soldiers on a foreign mission: Czech soldiers in the former Yugoslavia

Descriptive analysis of the nature and extent of bullying behavior in a maximum-security prison

Developing alternatives to war: Insights from anthropological research

Development of locally shared attitudes toward aggression: Dynamic Social Impact Theory

Differences and similarities in moral approval of aggressive acts (a cross-national study)

Differentiating childhood character models of aggression: A rationale for treatment

Direct and indirect aggression in women: A comparison between South Africa and Spain

Direct and indirect aggression: A comparison between Iranian and Spanish students

Do changes in testosterone levels affect human aggression?

Domestic Stockholm syndrome: A cognitive bond of protection in battered women

Domestic violence: Influence of duration and frequency of maltreatment on the emotional state of victims (Conference Abstract)

Domestically violent men: Cognitive processing patterns in response to social interactions

Domestically violent men: Cognitive processing patterns in response to social interactions

Drumming up peace: Grassroots responses to aggression

Dynamic Social Impact Theory (DSIT) predicts the development of social representations of aggression

Dynamics of steroids and territorial aggressive behavior

Educating management in combating low-level aggression in the workplace

Effect of serotonin and GABAergic compounds on apomorphine-induced aggressive behavior in male rats

Effects of applications of some medicinal plant extracts used in Jordan on social aggression and gonadal function in male mice

Effects of chromium compounds on incidence of social aggression and fertility in prepubertal male mice

Effects of exogenous testosterone on self-reported and partner-reported aggression in men

Effects of subordination stress and cortisol on brain monoamine receptors

Empathy mitigates aggression but social intelligence without empathy increases indirect, verbal, and physical aggression

Ethnic diversity and the interaction of social prejudice and aggression

Evaluation of the effects of serotonergic and GABA-ergic drugs on human aggression and impulsivity

Evidence for a modulating role of 5-HT in clinical aggression

Father absence and male aggression: A re-examination of the comparative evidence

Finding the unexpected: Paradoxical reactions of property crime victims

From aggression to mediation: A school based intervention

From Finns to Zapotecs: Aggression prevention in a cross-cultural perspective

Genetic determinism of aggressive behavior

Hallmarks of "violence-prone" hallucinations and delusions: A literature review of some preliminary findings

Hitting, hurting, and having fun: Why violence is essential to life and different from aggression

Human violence: A treatable epidemic

Indigenous forms of violence control in the rural slums of southern Sri Lanka: The preservation of context

Inhibition of alcohol-heightened aggression by action at post-synaptic 5-HT1b receptors in male mice

Interventions to redress teenage girls' indirect aggression: A speculative paper

Invisible touch: Aggression by British wives 1200-2000 AD

Is conflict resolution in women related to trait aggression and menstrual cycle phase?

Is the general public a target of violent mentally disordered individuals? Findings from a young adult birth cohort

Lobeline has a specific antiaggressive effect after repeated administration

Managing the threat of victim retaliation: Drug robbers and informal sanction threats

MDMA ("ecstasy") administration changes the temporal and sequential structure of agonistic behavior in male mice

Mediation of parental socializing practices in the relation between early aggressive TV viewing and aggressive behavior in adulthood

Men's perceptions of an eroticized rape: The role of rape myth attitudes and contextual factors

Mindfulness project to develop stress management skills in third and fourth grade students

Moderating effect of aggressiveness, anger, and hostility on concentrations of testosterone and cortisol in saliva

Modifying aggression and social prejudice: Findings and challenges

Neuroimaging in human aggression: Conceptual and methodological issues

On the link between childhood physical abuse and adult anger expression: A cognitive behavioral view

On the need to kill enemies: How dehumanization and the cultivation of hatred legitimizes organized violence

Parenting practices, self-control, and adolescent delinquency

Perceptions of forced sex: What determines how men label it?

Persistence and desistence over time: Ecological correlates of conduct disorder

Plenary lecture: Biochemical and molecular genetic factors in habitual violence and antisocial alcoholism: Control and preventive interventions

Plenary lecture: From a culture of war and violence to a culture of peace and non-violence

Plenary lecture: Identification and intervention with women victims of abuse in the health care system

Plenary lecture: Physical aggression in the family: Prevalence rates, primary prevention, and implications for reducing societal violence

Plenary lecture: The role of the human rights community in limiting violence and the abuse of human rights

Plenary lecture: War as an institution: Working for peace

Post-separation violence: The male perspective

Prediction of bar violence among young adults

Preferences for physical discipline by parents of deaf children

Preliminary studies of the international affective photo system (IAPS) with a French population under frustrating conditions

Presidential address: Aggression and violence in animals: Role of personality factors

Preventing masculine domestic violence

Preventing physical abuse: Long-term effect of a "Community Program for Psychological Attention to Mothers and their Children in the First Two Years of Life"

Prevention of aggressive behavior: Training in relaxation procedures as a low cost/high benefit system for use by teachers and students

Prevention of conduct problems: The Fast Track project

Proneness to anger and aggression in Japanese and Spanish students measured by the Anger Situation Questionnaire

Psychiatric chrono-epidemiology: Its relevance for the study of aggression

Racial stereotypes and the treatment of ethnic minority adolescent offenders

Reducing violence on psychiatric inpatient units: A controlled evaluation of two interventions

Religion and different types of aggression: The cases of India and Israel

Research and therapy of attitudes toward offenders

Rewarding properties of testosterone in male mice differing in their basal levels of aggressiveness

Risk markers of sexual victimization among women and gay men: Exploring parallels in female and male sexual victimization

School bullying and workplace bullying: Are there any links?

Self vs. other reported measures of aggressiveness in children

Sexual harassment on campus: A preliminary study in the University of the Balearic Islands

Sleep pathology and antisocial behavior: A need for research

Social cognition and aggression in the Head Start classroom: Implications for prevention

Social representations and aggressive behavior: Cultural or cross-cultural perspectives?

Social representations of aggression in the US and France

Sociopolitical transformations and violence in society: A case study of Poland

Strategic planning to end men's violence: The White Ribbon Campaign

Study of school playgrounds and aggressive behavior of children

Study of the effects of Hypericum perforatum on pain-induced aggression

Symposium: Glucocorticoids and aggression

Testosterone and behavior in judo combat

Testosterone level may be a "marker" of conflict behavior in male and female preschool children

The association between beliefs about aggression and partner physical aggression

The development of social representations: Communicating about aggression

The effectiveness of a cognitive/ecological program to prevent the development of aggression: Analysis of preliminary results from the MACS Chicago project

The effectiveness of an early intervention program for aggressive behavior: The Carolina children's initiative

The effects of value systems and cultural background on aggressive behavior of boys and girls: Some Israeli findings

The giving of hostages: Resurrecting a widely practiced and time-tested deterrent to aggression

The impact of a prior relationship on anger-related cognitions

The Montreal Longitudinal and Experimental Study: Results from a multi-component prevention experiment with low socio-economic status boys

The origins of bullying and victimization in the peer group: Role diversity and stability

The program of peace as a hope

The relationship between playing violent electronic games and aggression in adolescents

The relationship between the child's attachment quality to his mother at 15 months and mother-child synchrony in daily routines

The Report Form for Aggressive Episodes (REFA) in the treatment of violent psychotic patients

The role of social problem solving in bullying behavior among male and female adult prisoners

The role of third-parties in conflicts among Colombian preadolescents

The social representation of aggression among student groups in UP Diliman: An exploratory study

The treatment and control of violence and the erosion of context: Is neuropsychology what Sri Lanka needs?

The true nature of aggression in warfare

Tolerance for unruliness vs. aggressive and other problem behaviors in adolescence and early adulthood (a follow-up study)

Traumatised populations of internally displaced persons and refugees: Problem of relationships with local society

Treatment of borderline personality disorder: Reducing violence to self and others

Validation of the Spanish version of the symptom checklist 90-R

Victims and vendettas: Law as an instrument of revenge in early English common law

Violent political language in the Egyptian partisan press: A sociolinguistic analysis

War and violence: Policy implications of cross-cultural research

Which attitudinal measures predict self-reported aggression?

Youth violence and alcohol availability in predominantly Mexican American communities in the United States