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Aggressive behavior

Journal Volume: 5
Journal Issue: 2
Journal Year: 1979
Articles in SafetyLit: 42

ACTH and vasopressin treatments immediately after a defeat increase future submissiveness

Adrenal mediation of intermale aggression maintained by aromatized and reduced metabolites of testosterone

Aggression, crying and physical contact in one-year-old to three-year-old children

Argument against group selection explanations for ritualized aggression

Association between home television viewing, aggression, and imaginative play in preschoolers

Battered parents

Biological face: violent deaths in an anti-violent town's record of a century of life and death

Brain dysfunction in aggressive criminals

Brain mechanisms in violent aggressive behavior: rationale for and results of treatment by cerebellar stimulation

Brain mechanisms of offense, defense, and submission

Canine responses to familiar and unfamiliar humans

Children's sex role preference, sex of television model, and imitation of aggressive behaviors

Confrontation with aggression in day-to-day life and its manifestation in attitudes toward aggression

Differential impacts of television on children: a natural experiment in communities with and without television

Effect of fantasy behaviors and fantasy-reality discriminations on the observational learning of aggression

Effects of erotic stimuli on aggression against women

Effects of target variables on third-party instigated aggression

Eocial face: social structure and control in an anti-violent village

Evolution of legal traditions in Mexico

Face of human-nature: implications of the data, and a step or two toward a theory of anti-violence

Female partners and male police

Governmental face: formal and real mechanisms of conflict resolution in an anti-violent town

Group-therapy experience with violent alcoholic patients

Hero selection by canadian ice hockey players: skill or aggression

Human-animal aggression: examination of a neglected topic

Individual face: anti-violent behavior and some of its hypothetical personality correlates -- a paradox within an enigma

Instigating effects of associated retrieval cues and white noise on delayed verbal aggression

Involuntary subliminal television intoxication: some clinical issues

Methodological issues in psychopharmacological research of violent individuals

Non-invasive methods for the detection of abnormal deep brain electrical activity

Parents' responses to infants at risk for child abuse

Perceived situations, anxiety, and their effects on aggression

Prenatal hormones and aggression in man

Psychodynamic face: learning to be violent vs learning to be anti-violent

Relationship between aggression and experimentally induced negative emotional states (anger, fear, disappointment)

Shock delivery in human aggression experiments: aggression or button-pushing

Some child-rearing practices contributing to non-aggressive behavior in a Zapotec community

Studies of television and youth sports: laboratory-field research on the effects of prosocial and antisocial television models on children and youth

Television and violence: methodological issues for future research

Terrorism as a desperate game: analytic step toward comprehension of fear, bargaining, and communication in the terrorist event

Towards a theory of human-animal aggression

Violent television preference and depression