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Aggressive behavior

Journal Volume: 9
Journal Issue: 2
Journal Year: 1983
Articles in SafetyLit: 29

A comparative Canadian American study on the effect of televised athletics and organized sport on family members

A cross-cultural-study on development of aggression

Aggression between men and women at a small, private, liberal arts college

Aggression in children after prenatal exposure to progestogens and estrogens

An inclusive fitness model for interpreting human infanticide

An investigation of constructive aggression as an age-related development

Apomorphine aggressiveness: the role of dopaminergic and opiate mechanisms in limbic structures

Children's physiological, verbal, and nonverbal reactions to different types of film violence

Components of defense reaction modulated by simultaneous stimulation of two brain-areas (conference abstract)

Control of intraspecies violence in humans -- notes on origins and occurrence

Correlates of fighting in first and second grade children: a naturalistic study

Development of an aggressiveness inventory and the factorial structure of aggressiveness in self-report

Effects of naloxone on agonistic behavior in rodents

Evaluating the effects of commonly used drugs on human aggressive responding

Group vs individual aggression: further experiments

Heterotypic continuity from aggression to smoking, drinking, and delinquent behavior

Hypoglycemia and aggression in a normal population

Judgments of potential victims as facilitators and inhibitors of physical aggression

Measuring personological constructs related to aggression

Perspectives on intrafamily violence

Research on aggression and the study of conflicts on macro level

Role of personality variables and sex differences in experimental research on aggression

Secondary victimization: confronting public-attitudes about rape

The politics of preventing and treating aggression

The use of strategies and messages to alter aggressive interactions

Violence in sports

Violent pornography, feminism, and social-learning theory

Warfare: sex differences due to socio-historical, not socio-biological factors

Weapons used in prison assault: a profile of four Florida prisons