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American journal of public health

Journal Volume: 83
Journal Issue: 5
Journal Year: 1993
Articles in SafetyLit: 21

A proposal for the mandatory inclusion of helmets with new children's bicycles

A proposed classification code for farm and agricultural injuries

An injury prevention program in an urban African-American community

Antidepressants and falls among elderly people in long-term care

Automobile driver fatalities in frontal impacts: air bags compared with manual belts

Bicycle helmet counseling by pediatricians: a random national survey

Bicycle helmet laws and educational campaigns: an evaluation of strategies to increase children's helmet use

Handedness, traffic crashes, and defensive reflexes: an indirect test

Hip fracture incidence before and after the fluoridation of the public water supply, Rochester, Minnesota

Hip fracture rates in Hong Kong and the United States, 1988 through 1989

Occupational and environmental exposures reported to poison centers

Occupational injury deaths in Alaska's fishing industry, 1980 through 1988

Progress and potential in injury control

Race/ethnicity patterns in the homicide of children in Los Angeles, 1980 through 1989

Racial misclassification of American Indians: its effect on injury rates in Oregon, 1989 through 1990

Size, not mass, of car affects severity of injury in accidents

Surface-specific fall injury rates on Utah school playgrounds

Talking past each other about risks and the importance of context

The fluoridation of drinking water and hip fracture hospitalization rates in two Canadian communities

The risk of childhood injury on Boston's playground equipment and surfaces

The validity of Medicaid diagnoses of hip fracture