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Gait and posture

Journal Volume: 41
Journal Issue: 1
Journal Year: 2014
Articles in SafetyLit: 19

Adaptive method for real-time gait phase detection based on ground contact forces

Age-related differences when walking downhill on different sloped terrains

Anticipatory changes in control of swing foot and lower limb joints when walking onto a moving surface traveling at constant speed

Associations between measures of gait stability, leg strength and fear of falling

Average in-home gait speed: Investigation of a new metric for mobility and fall risk assessment of elders

Contribution of gait parameters and available coefficient of friction to perceptions of slipperiness

Effect of age on the variability and stability of gait: a cross-sectional treadmill study in healthy individuals between 20 and 69 years of age

Effects of weight loss on foot structure and function in obese adults: a pilot randomized controlled trial

Expectation of an upcoming large postural perturbation influences the recovery stepping response and outcome

Gait attentional load at different walking speeds

Gait shows a sex-specific pattern of associations with daily functioning in a community-dwelling population of older people

How fear of falling can increase fall-risk in older adults: applying psychological theory to practical observations

Integrated testing of standing balance and cognition: Test-retest reliability and construct validity

Older adults who have previously fallen due to a trip walk differently than those who have fallen due to a slip

Proactive gait strategies to mitigate risk of obstacle contact are more prevalent with advancing age

Texting and walking: Effect of environmental setting and task prioritization on dual-task interference in healthy young adults

The influence of cognitive load and walking speed on gait regularity in children and young adults

Three-level rating of turns while walking

Upper body balance control strategy during continuous 3D postural perturbation in young adults