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Journal of forensic sciences

Journal Volume: 20
Journal Issue: 1
Journal Year: 1975
Articles in SafetyLit: 19

A comparative study of the applicability of the scanning electron microscope and the light microscope in the examination of vehicle light filaments

A portable explosives identification kit for field use

A simple, rapid 125I radioimmunoassay for the detection of barbiturates in biological fluids

Alcohol levels in intracranial blood clots

Analysis of explosives and explosive residues. Part 1: chemical tests

Carisoprodol-related death in a child

Change in muzzle velocity due to freezing and water immersion of .22, long rifle, K.F. cartridges

Death as a legal entity

Experience in the identification of abuse drugs in urine collected under Treatment Alternatives to Street Crime

Firearm residue detection by instrumental neutron activation analysis

Identification of drugs and other toxic compounds from their ultraviolet spectra. Part II: Ultraviolet absorption properties of thirteen structural groups

Is the insanity defense "unconscionable"?

Medical and toxicological aspects of the Watkins Glen rock concert

Narcotic abuse among homicide victims in Detroit

Psychiatric screening of civil service candidates with particular reference to police applicants

Public death: a basic philosophical concept of forensic pathology and medicine

Sexual asphyxia in the female

Shadowgraphs of bulbs, bottles, and panes

The determination of polydimethylsiloxane (silicone oil) in biological materials: a case report