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Journal of forensic sciences

Journal Volume: 37
Journal Issue: 2
Journal Year: 1992
Articles in SafetyLit: 16

A rapid gas chromatographic method for the fingerprinting of illicit cocaine samples

Application of Empore C-8 extraction disks for screening urine in systematic toxicological analysis

Bullet identification: a case of a fatal hunting accident resolved by comparison of lead shot using instrumental neutron activation analysis

Comparison analysis of illicit cocaine samples

Comparison of Abbott fluorescence polarization immunoassay (FPIA) and Roche radioimmunoassay for the analyses of cannabinoids in urine specimens

Correlation of trauma and cause of death to accident reconstruction: a case of a flight accident report

Differentiation of side chain isomers of ring-substituted amphetamines using gas chromatography/infrared/mass spectrometry (GC/IR/MS)

Discussion of "Alleged brain damage, diminished capacity, mens rea, and misuse of medical concepts"

Elevator surfing: a deadly new form of joyriding

Fatal dissecting aneurysm of the internal carotid artery with delayed symptoms following facial impact

Fourier transform infrared/Raman differentiation and characterization of cis- and trans-2,5-dimethoxy-4,beta-dimethyl-beta-nitrostyrenes: precursors to the street drug STP

Neck injuries: i. occipitoatlantal dislocation--a pathologic study of twelve traffic fatalities

Neck injuries: ii. atlantoaxial dislocation--a pathologic study of 14 traffic fatalities

Religion, political leadership, charisma, and mental illness: the strange story of Louis Riel

The analysis and identification of steroids

The effect of ibuprofen on ethanol concentration and elimination rate