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Journal of forensic sciences

Journal Volume: 55
Journal Issue: 1
Journal Year: 2010
Articles in SafetyLit: 17

A Case of Extreme Sexual Self-Mutilation

Accidental Ligature Strangulation by an Ironing Machine: An Unusual Case

An Unusual Zip Gun Suicide-Medicolegal and Ballistic Examination

Cardiac Injuries Caused by Blunt Trauma: An Autopsy Based Assessment of the Injury Pattern

Child abuse-related homicides in New Mexico: a 6-year retrospective review

Detection and Classification of Ignitable Liquid Residues Using a Fluorescence-Based Vapor-Sensitive Microsphere Array

Fingering a Murderer: A Successful Anthropological and Radiological Collaboration

Homicide-Suicide in Konya, Turkey Between 2000 and 2007

Integrating DSM-IV factors to predict violence in high-risk psychiatric patients

Intellectual quotient of juveniles evaluated in a forensic psychiatry clinic after committing a violent crime

Medical Findings and Legal Outcomes in Sexually Abused Children

Natural, Unexpected Deaths: Reliability of a Presumptive Diagnosis

Nitrous Oxide Determination in Postmortem Biological Samples: A Case of Serial Fatal Poisoning in a Public Hospital

Study: the lack of significant association of the catechol-O-methyl transferase (COMT) gene polymorphism in violent offenders with mental retardation

The Intergenerational Cycle of Criminality-Association with Psychopathy

Trends in adult suicides in New Mexico: utilizing data from the New Mexico violent death reporting system

Weapon Usage in Attempted and Completed Parricides in Nineteenth-Century America: An Archival Exploration of the Physical Strength Hypothesis