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Journal of forensic sciences

Journal Volume: 56
Journal Issue: 5
Journal Year: 2011
Articles in SafetyLit: 27

A Case of Factitious Pedophilia

Axonal Injury in Young Pediatric Head Trauma: A Comparison Study of β-amyloid Precursor Protein (β-APP) Immunohistochemical Staining in Traumatic and Nontraumatic Deaths

Cannabis profiling based on its elemental composition-is it possible?

Commentary on the so-called spontaneous human combustion phenomenon

Complex suicide: An unusual case with six methods applied

Death Related to Aortic Coarctation in a Young Female During Sexual Intercourse

Differentiation of Bullet Type Based on the Analysis of Gunshot Residue Using Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry

Efficacy of Forensic Statement Analysis in Distinguishing Truthful from Deceptive Eyewitness Accounts of Highly Stressful Events

Fabrication of Compound Nonwoven Materials for Soft Body Armor

Fatal Intoxication Because of Trihexyphenidyl

Fatality Involving Complications of Bupivacaine Toxicity and Hypersensitivity Reaction

Forensic identification science evidence since Daubert: Part I-a quantitative analysis of the exclusion of forensic identification science evidence

Letter to the editor: Guns and homicides in the United States

Motor Vehicle Accident Fatalities Trends, Puerto Rico 2000-2007

Occlusion of Left and Right Coronary Arteries and Coronary Sinus Following Blunt Chest Trauma

Sexual Assault Centres and Police Reporting-An Important Arena for Medical/Legal Interaction

Sleep Deprivation Does Not Mimic Alcohol Intoxication on Field Sobriety Testing

So-called Spontaneous Human Combustion

Suicide by Gabapentin Overdose

Synthesis and Identification of Urinary Metabolites of 4-Iodo-2,5-dimethoxyphenethylamine

The Effect of Electrostatic Fingerprint Visualization on Integrated Ballistic Identification Systems

The forensic sciences: International perspectives, global vision

To be Used or Not to be Used, that is the Question: Legal Use of Forensic and Clinical Information Collected in a Self-referral Sexual Assault Centre

TV Tip-Over Morbidity and Mortality in Children

Utilizing a Magnetic Locator to Search for Buried Firearms and Miscellaneous Weapons at a Controlled Research Site

Validation of Thin Layer Chromatography with AccuTOF-DART™ Detection for Forensic Drug Analysis

Y-haplotype Screening of Local Patrilineages Followed by Autosomal STR Typing Can Detect Likely Perpetrators in Some Populations