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Journal of forensic sciences

Journal Volume: 57
Journal Issue: 4
Journal Year: 2012
Articles in SafetyLit: 28

A New Kind of Molotov? Gasoline-Pool Chlorinator Mixtures

A Search for Obligatory Paternal Alleles in a DNA Database to Find an Alleged Rapist in a Fatherless Paternity Case

Addressing the National Academy of Sciences' Challenge: A Method for Statistical Pattern Comparison of Striated Tool Marks

Alcohol Intoxication May Exacerbate the Effects of Blunt Cranial Trauma Through Changes in Brain Free Magnesium Levels

An Assessment of the Usefulness of Routine Histological Examination in Hanging Deaths

Author's Response

Authors' response

Circumstances of Death and Diagnostic Difficulties in Brushfire Fatalities

Commentary on: Chi JH, Wu SH, Shu CM. Using fire dynamics simulator to reconstruct a hydroelectric power plant fire accident. J Forensic Sci 2011;56(6):1639-44

Commentary on: Page M, Taylor J, Blenkin M. Forensic identification science evidence since Daubert: Part I-a quantitative analysis of the exclusion of forensic identification science evidence. J Forensic Sci 2011;56(5):1180-4

Commentary on: Sterling K. The rate of dissipation of mouth alcohol in alcohol positive subjects. J Forensic Sci 2012. In press. DOI: 10.1111/j.1556-4029.2011.02023.x

Comparison of New Ampac Bags and FireDebrisPAK(®) Bags as Packaging for Fire Debris Analysis

Confocal Microscopy Analysis of Breech Face Marks on Fired Cartridge Cases from 10 Consecutively Manufactured Pistol Slides

Death of a 6-Year-Old Boy with Mental Retardation: Accident Versus Child Abuse

Developmental Incompetence to Stand Trial in Juvenile Courts

Ecstasy and Suicide

Evolution of the Content of THC and Other Major Cannabinoids in Drug-Type Cannabis Cuttings and Seedlings During Growth of Plants

Fatal Paradoxical Air Embolism Diagnosed by Postmortem Imaging and Autopsy

Further Investigations into the Speed of Cerebral Swelling Following Blunt Cranial Trauma

Interaction of 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine and Methamphetamine During Metabolism by In Vitro Human Metabolic Enzymes and in Rats

Stress-Related Temporary Hearing Loss-Evaluation of Bio-Humoral Parameters: Forensic and Criminological Applications

The Forensic Deaths Caused by Pesticide Poisoning Between the Years 2006 and 2009 in Izmir, Turkey

The Identification of Two Unusual Types of Homemade Ammunition

The Use of Crossover Immunoelectrophoresis to Detect Human Blood Protein in Soil from an Ambush Scene in Kosovo

Upon a Failure to Equal Entry and Exit Wounds: A Possible Case of Tandem Bullets in View of the Literature

Vegetation Dynamics as a Tool for Detecting Clandestine Graves

Weakening Forensic Science in Spain: From Expert Evidence to Documentary Evidence

Wind-Drag Estimation in a Traffic Accident Involving a Motor Scooter and a Tractor-Trailer