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Journal of forensic sciences

Journal Volume: 61
Journal Issue: 3
Journal Year: 2016
Articles in SafetyLit: 20

A retrospective demographic and clinicopathologic review of deaths resulting from minefield explosions during migrants' attempts to enter Greece from Turkey between 1997 and 2008

Among a German sample of forensic patients, previous animal abuse mediates between psychopathy and sadistic actions

Analytical characterization of erythritol tetranitrate, an improvised explosive

Associations between exposure to alienating behaviors, anxiety, and depression in an Italian sample of adults

Fatal firearm injuries in Tennessee: a comparison study of Tennessee's two most populous counties 2009-2012

Fatal intoxication with toluene due to inhalation of glue

Forensic archaeological recovery of a large-scale mass disaster scene: lessons learned from two complex recovery operations at the World Trade Center site

Homemade heavy caliber rifles-two unusual firearms

Homicidal poisoning in China using several anesthetic drugs

Incidence of low body mass index in the elderly in forensic cases-a possible marker for frailty syndrome?

Inter-rater reliability of Total Body Score-a scale for quantification of corpse decomposition

Investigation of ballistic evidence through an automatic image analysis and identification system

Manners of death in drug-related fatalities in Florida

Retraction: Suicide trends in Upper Egypt

Self-inflicted firearm discharge from heating using a gas burner

Skull and encephalic injuries caused by beach umbrellas: case reports and review of literature

Somnophilia and sexual abuse using vaginal administration of triazolam

Storm-related postmortem damage to skeletal remains

Suicidal drug overdoses in New Mexico: a 5-year retrospective review

The Influence of Wood Grain on the Bullet's Ricochet Behavior