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Journal of forensic sciences

Journal Volume: 63
Journal Issue: 3
Journal Year: 2018
Articles in SafetyLit: 17

A GIS-based quantitative approach for the search of clandestine graves, Italy

Comparison between temperature gradient gel electrophoresis of bacterial 16S rDNA and diatom test for diagnosis of drowning

Controversial suicide case using a submachine gun with a sound suppressor-the need of team work of forensic chemistry and firearm examiners

Homicide rates in Lithuania

Implications of pseudologia fantastica in criminal forensic evaluations: a review and case report

Injury patterns sustained in fatal motor vehicle collisions with driver's third-generation airbag deployment

Metal railing fences and accidental death

Munchausen by proxy: a qualitative investigation into online perceptions of medical child abuse

Potential use in forensics of a novel hybrid gelatin-dynamic impact assessment

Preliminary data on the role of emotional intelligence in moderating the link between psychopathy and aggression in a nonforensic sample

Psychophysiological responses of people with psychopathic tendencies to the Concealed Information Test

Putrefaction: an additional complicating factor in the assessment of freshwater drownings in rivers

Suicidal decapitation by hanging-a population-based study

The appearance, taste, and concentrations of zolpidem dissolved in still water and carbonated beverages

The biological effects of kambo: is there a relationship between its administration and sudden death?

The role of forensic botany in solving a case: scientific evidence on the falsification of a crime scene

Unplanned complex suicide-a consideration of multiple methods