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Journal of interpersonal violence

Journal Volume: 20
Journal Issue: 1
Journal Year: 2005
Articles in SafetyLit: 33

Advances in violence and trauma: toward comprehensive ecological models

Advances in Violence and Trauma: Toward Comprehensive Ecological Models

Children's Exposure to Violence: Exploring Developmental Pathways to Diverse Outcomes

Children's Exposure to Violence: Exploring Developmental Pathways to Diverse Outcomes

Developments in the Assessment and Treatment of Sexual Offenders: Looking Backward With a View to the Future

Empirically enhanced reflections on 20 years of rape research

Empirically Enhanced Reflections on 20 Years of Rape Research

Lessons learned and unanswered questions about sexual assault perpetration

Lessons Learned and Unanswered Questions About Sexual Assault Perpetration

Of mice and men: Will the intersection of social science and genetics create new approaches for intimate partner violence?

Of Mice and Men: Will the Intersection of Social Science and Genetics Create New Approaches for Intimate Partner Violence?

Preventing violence and trauma in the next generation

Preventing Violence and Trauma in the Next Generation

Redefining borderline syndromes as posttraumatic and rediscovering emotional containment as a first stage in treatment

Redefining Borderline Syndromes as Posttraumatic and Rediscovering Emotional Containment as a First Stage in Treatment

Reflections on 20 years of research on violence and trauma

Reflections on 20 Years of Research on Violence and Trauma

Reflections on Partner Violence: 20 Years of Research and Beyond

Reflections on partner violence: 20 years of research and beyond

Targets of partner violence: the importance of understanding coping trajectories

Targets of Partner Violence: The Importance of Understanding Coping Trajectories

The biology of trauma: implications for treatment

The Biology of Trauma: Implications for Treatment

The most important things learned about violence and trauma in the past 20 years

The Most Important Things Learned About Violence and Trauma in the Past 20 Years

The past and the future of violence against women

The Past and the Future of Violence Against Women

Thoughts on interpersonal violence and lessons learned: fact or fiction

Thoughts on Interpersonal Violence and Lessons Learned: Fact or Fiction

Top 10 Greatest "Hits": important findings and future directions for intimate partner violence research

Top 10 Greatest "Hits": Important Findings and Future Directions for Intimate Partner Violence Research

Understanding Rape and Sexual Assault

Understanding Rape and Sexual Assault: 20 Years of Progress and Future Directions