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Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences

Journal Volume: 528
Journal Issue:
Journal Year: 1988
Articles in SafetyLit: 34

A multidimensional approach to sexual aggression: combining measures of past behavior and present likelihood

A taxonomic analysis of child molesters

Aberrant sexual arousal in sexual offenders

Advancements in physiological evaluation of assessment and treatment of the sexual aggressor

An epidemiologic approach to the study of child molestation

An Epidemiological Approach to the Study of Child Molestation

An outpatient treatment program for child molesters

Clinical reflections on sexual aggression

Coping strategies and recovery from rape

Courtship disorder: is this hypothesis valid?

Human sexual aggression: current perspectives

Human sexual aggression: social policy perspective

Immediate and delayed treatment of rape victims

Introduction to biological issues, with neuropathological case illustrations

Issues in the exploration of biological factors contributing to the etiology of the "sex offender," plus some ethical considerations

Law reform, social policy, and criminal sexual violence: current Canadian responses

Legitimate violence, violent attitudes, and rape: a test of the cultural spillover theory

Measuring the effectiveness of treatment for the aggressive adolescent sexual offender

Predicting Child Molesters' Response to Treatment

Predictors of sexual aggression among a national sample of male college students

Preventing faking in phallometric assessments of sexual preference

Rape in marriage and in dating relationships: how bad is it for mental health?

Relapse prevention of sexual aggression

Serial rapists and their victims: reenactment and repetition

Sexual aggression in the great apes

Sexual sadism: brain, blood, and behavior

The effects of sexual abuse on children: results of a research project

The impact of forensic issues on women's rights

The long-term clinical correlates of childhood sexual victimization

The relationship between child sexual abuse and adolescent sexual functioning in Afro-American and white American women

The Sex Offender Treatment and Evaluation Project: California's new outcome study

Validation analyses on a taxonomic system for rapists: disconfirmation and reconceptualization

Victims of sexual aggression: introduction

What have we learned about legislative remedies for rape?